“Plastic Oceans” The Movie

Peter Walsh | March 9, 2012

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfDKEzPxhzQ Check out this trailer as the oceans future depends on humans!

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Freediver Open Water Training

Peter Walsh | February 13, 2012

It was great to see both our Chairman and DO braving the elements in Portroe Quarry on Sunday for our first official Open Water Freediving session. Training in a colder environment has many benefits and the main one is to…..

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AIDA *** Freediver

Peter Walsh | January 16, 2012

AIDA *** Freediver I arrived in Sharm El Sheikh on Sunday 11th Dec at 5:30 pm Egyptian time. The purpose of my trip was to complete the A.I.D.A*** 3-Star Freediver Training Course. Blue Ocean Freedivers arranged the Airport transfer to…..

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New Freedivers Training in Portroe

Peter Walsh | May 16, 2011

Well done to Limerick SAC members Mike; Graeme and Martin for joining me for Freediver Training in Portroe at weekend. Sunday was crazy busy in the quarry and its great to see the the facility been utilized. We began with…..

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Pink Caves Kilkee

Peter Walsh | July 25, 2010

Pink Cave Kilkee THe GODS were with us in Kilkee on Saturday and that was Ronnie and Manuel, They were our tour guides for the day and they were out to impress. We started out with a safe pass through…..

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Freedive Update

Peter Walsh | July 8, 2010

Thanks to our Chairman freediving has resumed in the Quarry, This evening Thurs 8th July we tested out our most recent attachment, our own custom made sled. This was its first test run and after some fine tuning we got…..

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Snorkeling and Breathing update!

Peter Walsh | June 11, 2010

AIDA Freedive Certification Portroe Having just complete my AIDA ** Freediver Training I would like to share some interesting observations while on the course. Firstly, if anybody in the club is going abroad on holidays wanted to do a little…..

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Portroe Freedivers

Peter Walsh | May 25, 2010

Summer time officially started in Portroe Quarry on Thursday 20th May, although you had to be early to get the warm sun on your back. We arrived at 6:30pm to find the water as still as a garden pond, what…..

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