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Man Overboard – Pass the gel coat please

Brian O'Leary | August 13, 2012

I was really looking forward to a weekend of diving in Quilty. The weather leading up the weekend was poor with reports of a strong swell on Thursday. Early feedback on availability of divers for diving over weekend was suggesting…..

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Discovery of “Kilimanjaro in Portroe”

Brian O'Leary | July 3, 2012

Ok, you all know, I am pulling your leg, so let me explain my blog.     I have dived Portroe a lot. So while I often vary the routes I travel out and back on, I was up to…..

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Where do Tides comes from? Portmagee 2012 :-)

Brian O'Leary | June 18, 2012

    From Portmagee 2012  The Annual trip to Portmagee was again a great success, Members logged over 90 Dives through out the week. I guess the Sunday and Monday were the peak days for members to dive as numbers…..

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A Bridge too Far

Brian O'Leary | April 2, 2012

Dive – Bridges of Ross What a Lovely day for Diving. Neap tides, Sun shining and a light SW breeze… Perfect As, the boat is undergoing repairs. Boat and trailer are getting a major overhaul at the moment, thanks to…..

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Busy weekend 1st Open water Dive’s + New Gas Blenders

Brian O'Leary | March 26, 2012

Well, at long last, Limerick Sub Aqua got its trainee Divers for 2012 off to a glorious start yesterday. With the last open water snorkels out of the way, Marcin Ludzik, Roybn Gleeson, Jack Ryan, John Moloney, Leo Taylor, Anthony…..

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To Snorkel or not to Snorkel?

Brian O'Leary | March 12, 2012

That was the question, I bet some of our trainee’s were asking themselves as they viewed the waters of Portroe yesterday.   Yesterday unveiled itself as the day in which the trainees for 2012 would start their open water training……

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All hands on deck please!!

Brian O'Leary | March 2, 2012

As the Club nears the phase for open water diving once again, the weekend boat handling sessions are now over. certainly, an interesting time and challenges for those who took part. The exercises under the bridge in Killaloe and the…..

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Dive Summary 2011

Brian O'Leary | January 10, 2012

I can see 2012 bringing in some new changes, the Dives logged will cetainly be a challenge as the recession bites even further and costs sky rocket. In the meantime, this was last years summary for reference. Dives in 2012…..

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What’s another year -Welcome to new Committee 2012

Brian O'Leary | October 10, 2011

The Club held it’s AGM on Friday and so again a new year begins and some faces within the Club committtee.   A number of members who could not make the meeting offered their apologies, even Mike Hynes trying to…..

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A sad day for the Community of Diving – RIP Artur Kozlowski(Conrad)

Brian O'Leary | September 7, 2011

He has achieved so much in Irish Cave exploration – He will be sadly missed.     Rescuers continue efforts to recover body of cave diver   Cave diving trainer Artur Kozlowski, from Shankill, Dublin, whose body was discovered in…..

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Shakin a Tackie

Brian O'Leary | July 11, 2011

Nancy’s seen a few of the members get together on Friday night to get out an wish Eimhear a happy birthday. Indeed, a “few” pints were consumed and some were led to the Outback to “shake a tackie” into wee…..

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4th July

Brian O'Leary | July 4, 2011

As our Chirman Mike was tending to his own celebrations, preparing for the christening of G Tyler Dallas Orth on Sunday. Myself & Emma dropped by to wish the latest addition to the Orth’s a great day. Mike’s was busily…..

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