SAR for Dummys

Ciaran Enright | February 21, 2012

I arrived to find Richard trying to enter the code for the fob in reverse, he then mentioned to me privately that he saw the northern lights about 20 min ago. This was not good and things began to get…..

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HP or LP

Ciaran Enright | January 25, 2011

It has come to my attention that a certain “experienced committee member” has forgotten the difference between HP and LP. Now LP to those of the bald and grey diving community, might refer to the vinyl records that once were…..

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Breaking News !

Ciaran Enright | December 3, 2009

Crouching Tiger hidden Fire Hydrant !After presure from the 100’s of media camped outside Tigers house he finally admitted he left his Family, his Fans and his trousers down.The favoured approach is to apologies to his family then blame the devil…..

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The Case of the Missing 5th Gear

Ciaran Enright | November 19, 2009

Mike is back on the Road but some things are not quite right !Some time ago Mike blew his turbo, he was apparently giving it welly while listening to King of Leon’s new single ‘Sex on Fire’. This morning I…..

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The Tale of our Mariner 320 and a fearless Leinster supporter

Ciaran Enright | November 3, 2009

New Mariner 320 Prologue,As some of you are aware Francis is a true blue -a Lunster Supporter living in Manorhamilton and is also known to service the odd regulator and VIP a few bottles. He also supplies compressors and wouldn’t…..

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Peter the free diving ninja and his orange sea-doo !

Ciaran Enright | October 15, 2009

This year’s training started with a bang, full on, no expense spared, we had more equipment than a dive shop, underwater scooters, camera’s, video recorders, full face masks, underwater communications, mono fins, You name it we had it! In the…..

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UL Scuba Pool Training: Speedo verses Quicksilver

Ciaran Enright | October 8, 2009

On your marks divers, pool training is just around the corner. It’s time to put the wet suit away and go looking for your faded Speedo’s, you know the one’s…It’s the pair you bought when you were 22 about 32 years…..

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Mid Weak Anti Cyclone

Ciaran Enright | September 17, 2009

From Anti Cyclone Kilkee Bay It only took a few phone calls and we decided Wednesday was the day for diving in Kilkee. 6 of the finest divers arrived in Kilkee 2 hours before noon but something looked wrong, very…..

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LSAC Birthday Countdown Calculator.

Ciaran Enright | September 4, 2009

A little bird told me that a certain bearded Instructor celebrates his birthday today. As you all know once you turn 40 you begin to count backwards as this is how you’ll end up, be it 2 or 78 you’ll…..

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Coors Night on Friday Lite.

Ciaran Enright | August 31, 2009

Myles Breen – Going away party for Magic 8pm arrived and there I was still running around looking for my socks, I shouted “Have you not ironed my shirt yet !”The response I got was both verbal and visual, the…..

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Le Tour de LSAC

Ciaran Enright | August 27, 2009

Before the clocks go back and we descend into darkness, instead of looking for our Diving lamps why not brush the cobwebs off your high Nelly and take it for a spin. “Cycling – Thats not for me, anyway the…..

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Children of Chernobyl Barbecue

Ciaran Enright | July 24, 2009

From Children of Chernobyl BBQ Next year, Limerick Sub Aqua Club celebrates its 50th anniversary, But more importantly it’ll be the 5th year that we will organise our annual Boating trip and BBQ for the Children of Chernobyl. This year’s…..

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