Musings of an Elder Lemon

Ronnie Hurley | August 10, 2013

Yea, another one! My diving wish-boxes are so…… being ticked and fulfilled! Wednesday evening was one, perhaps even better than most of the others. Funny thing this, every time I come in from even a half decent dive nowadays, I…..

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Portroe Quarry

Ronnie Hurley | March 31, 2010

From Drop Box Published directly from an email from Ronnie:   Re. “The Quarry”   At this stage, with the exciting prospect of the commercial development of the Quarry in Portroe, it may be of some interest to place on…..

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Red Sea Beach Safari with the GODS

Ronnie Hurley | December 28, 2009

GODS: Red Sea Beach Safari Marsa Shagra Red Sea Beach Safari with the GODS- Marsa Shagra- Dec. 2009 “OK, Phil and Tom, you two, Tent no. 3. Tony and Paula, you’re for Tent 5. Louise and Tony, you’ll be in…..

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GODS on tour: El Hierro

Ronnie Hurley | November 2, 2009

GODS: El Hierro Reporting back from our GODS (Golden Oldies Diving Society) Centenary diving trip (i.e. Shane Gray’s 100th organised trip) to El Hierro…   There were 20 of us, from all parts of the country, including current and former…..

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Cameron Creek, Kilkee

Ronnie Hurley | August 5, 2009

Cameron Creek, Kilkee Recent comment on our web site, about the Blue Pool, put me in mind of Cameron Creek, named by us, after Roddie, a member of the original scouting party who first discovered the location and a dear…..

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Musings of a GOD (Golden Oldie Diver)

Ronnie Hurley | July 29, 2009

This being my initial toe-dip into the wonderful world of Dive Blogs, I will necessarily be brief.   I can no longer resist the need to comment to the www about the happenings in our glorious Club and Web Site,…..

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