Leading Diver Diary

David Keane | March 24, 2014

WEEK 1-3 Well, I finally decided to go for the leading diver grade, sort of, maybe, not sure, definitely! Hmmm. After rounding up a few suspects and attending the brief. Myself and Frank have committed to reaching the grade. Frank…..

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Certified my ass

mikeorth_s1973m53 | December 18, 2011

Well guys, just a few words to let you know whats happening. The equipment team have been busy busy getting the boat trailer road worthy again, considering the state it was left in Johny’s yard at the first attempt, I…..

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A new season

mikeorth_s1973m53 | April 18, 2011

As the new season has begun in earnest, I’d like to say thanks to the E.O team for giving up their free time and valued experience in keeping the boat in working order. Honestly, without them we would be limited…..

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mikeorth_s1973m53 | October 4, 2010

Just as the title says guys, FINALLY!  Its taken a while alright, and in poor conditions (to say the least), and a couple of delays “Ah, Dave, the RDO forgot to organize an M1” was a regular one.

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Brrrr cold water diving

mikeorth_s1973m53 | September 29, 2009

From Maldives Hi guy’s Just back from a great dive holiday in the Maldives! (Honeymoon to some), By the way thanks for the best wishes.  What can i say about the diving there! You dont need me to tell you…..

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