Club night out

Club Night out well, a nice turn out: Thanks to all those who attended and great opportunity to meet and catch up. If people have idea for a social get together in the near future, let someone on the committee know. On behalf of the LSAC Committee, Have a very happy Christmas and a peaceful & Prosperous new year to all. Regards Brian

CFT Registration Requirements.

The Online registration is now available through Members have been receiving there are access passwords over the last few days… What do you do now??

1: Login..  If you want to change your password, no Problem!! Follow COMS link on CFT Webpage.

2: Correct any detail, re address and contact info

3: Complete the annual medical disclaimer… Submit..

4:Verify and update Date of last medical information.


·         date of last medical is valid

·         Annual self medical disclaimer complete

·         Fees paid

·         Fitness to dive signed off as completed by D.O.

…then and only then will CFT membership cards be issued.


D.O. may review the status of each members profile and update Date of medical and fitness to dive status. I will be at Castletroy Park Hotel every Tuesday after pool to assist with any registration requirements and queries.

If you can read this…

..then we have succesfully moved the website to our new host:

Thanks to Tempy and Seanie for getting us sorted so quickly!

How can I register for the site??

Ive written a how to up in the help desk forum. Click here to read the post

Talk to your committee

I’ve added a private members only section to our forums where the committee can share info on the work being done, meeting minutes and other topics of discussion. Any registered member of the club that is logged in can visit. I just put up the first post regarding a meeting with a local politician re our 2009 lotto application. Check it out here

Dive Outings this year

What do people think of a week long diving out of Portmagee this year: All diving centered around the June bank Holiday weekend? Book a few houses for a week of diving out of Portmagee to Caherdaniel to Knights town..

Coxswain/Boat handling

Thanks to all, who have attended to date, one can certainly see the change in peoples confidence in handling the boat and at least availing of the chance to work up hours to move towards getting their tests out of the way. 

Taking them down the canal area and doing tight 360 turns, getting the folks used to getting in and out of Ballina pier. Well done to all participants so far..

 Regards Brian.

Folks, All coxswains welcome to train and refresh on the boat once again. All members are invited to attend to get a spin on the boat: All attending will be asked to make a donation towards Fuel costs.

From Coxwain Training 2009

Safety Rules of Freediving and Deep Snorkeling

20 safety rules of free diving 1. Select your partner and never free dive alone. 2. Never free dive after a scuba dive; allow 12hrs, (Henry’s law). 3. Never ‘ride’ the flexibility of your ear drum. 4. Always be correctly weighted ;(Archimedes law). 5. Before diving make a complete dive plan together & estimate sea conditions. 6. Remove the snorkel from your mouth before diving. 7. Never exhale under water or forcefully exhale on surfacing. 8. Never dive without adequate rigging & flags. 9. Preserve the correct interval between deep dives; (henry’s law). 10. Never hyperventilate. 11. Avoid too dramatic a turnaround at the end of the descent. 12. Never look down on descent nor up on ascent. 13. Don’t increase pace on last part of ascent; keep calm. 14. Be aware of the danger of empty lung dives. 15. No diving after a samba or blackout. 16. Allow sufficient time for physiological adaptation. 17. Avoid negative suggestion. 18. Never dive when tired or cold; nor with a cold or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 19. Correct timing for food & hydration is essential. 20. Know yourself.

Welcome to the dive blogs…

The idea behind the blog is for everyone in the club to share their diving/snorkeling adventures with other club members.  All members have their own personal blog space and are encouraged to post dive related stories.  Let everyone know what, who, when, where you went…maybe share the viz and weather. Tell us about the location, it’s wildlife and how easy it is to get to.  Don’t forget to visit the Gallery as well and post up some photo’s, we have loads of space for it, might as well use it!

Welcome to the new home of LSAC!

Have a look around – check out some of the new features:

  • Upload dive pictures to the gallery
  • Blogging – share your diving or snorkeling adventures
  • Members can add comments to Blogs to promote discussion
  • Latest news area for comittee to keep you informed
  • Calendar of events, lectures, and the dive plan
  • email addresses available for club members
  • Members area for downloading files/forms etc
  • Individual members can have their own blog

CFT AGM Nov. 2008

Points of discussion


·         Hyperbaric Chamber Access

·         Insurance cover

·         Medical requirements & Fitness to dive

·         Website

·         Course & test development

·         Instructor development

·         The resignation of the Ex NDO.


The availability of a “local” accessible recompression chamber was on everybody mind and while the issue was diffused, there is an open action by CFT committee to resolve its differences with The National Hyperbaric Treatment Centre. Certain chambers are not affiliated with a hospital, not all illness which is delivered to the chamber need hyperbaric treatment, the patient would need to be transferred from the chamber to a hospital or other medical facility.   Discussions are still ongoing. Hopes are high that these issues would be resolved one way or another within the next three months.



A new Insurance policy is in place for CFT members, there are some significant improvements and coverage and support when diving abroad, detached trailer cover, SAR members insured under the policy. A hotline number will be available in handling an incident if something should occur abroad.  A summary of the policy will be circulated to Club secretaries ASAP.

This insurance policy will pay out to any medical facility & will also cover after care.

Talks are still ongoing with DAN insurance.