Munster v Ospreys

As you know or maybe some have forgotten but Munster are in action this Sunday at 1pm in Thomond Park against Ospreys and later at 3:30 Leinster are playing Harlequins for a place in the semi finals of the Heineken Cup. Now don’t get me wrong I’d never miss an opportunity for a good dive but the lure of some creamy pints and a cracking match seems at lot easier than braving the 9 degrees in Kilkee Bay. So anyone fancy having the debrief from a high stool before diving into a sea of red Munster supporters ? Suggestions welcome.

Newfee Sunday April 5th

“South backing southeast force 5 or 6, soon increasing force 7 to gale force 8 and reaching strong gale force 9 at times later tonight” was the call from the radio when our DO checked in with Shannon Coast guard. There were breakers rolling into Georges Head and our destination Chimney Bay did not look dive-able. So we turned back and headed for the safety of Newfee. I cant say much about the diving as I had a head cold – but doing coxwain was eventful I can tell you. Each dive pair struck out on their own path, a few weight problems (would you believe too light not too heavy?) and a few wandering SMBs later all were safely back on board. Hopefully the weather is better next weekend…

From 2009

Myles Breen

Whatever happened on Friday Night ? Munster won . Had a couple of quiet pints . Some more than Others .Small turnout but a good laugh

Dingle weekend

Is there anyone interested in going down to Dingle on Thursday night/Early Friday Morning and diving on Friday . Handy dives on Friday just to get back into the swing of things . Need the basics for diving 2 coxains, Clubdivers to Trainee ratios etc.Signed off by the DO of course. |This is just a suggestion as with family commitments things may change for myself. I was just thinking of heading down for a days diving and possibly staying over Friday night .Oh Yeah has anyone a spare bed or floor for those two nights .Will pay my share for the accomadation . Anyone interested come back to me 086 2705489. As i said earlier my plans may change as per family commitments . Richard