My Regional Dive Weekend.

An e-mail from Derry Doyle, This can only mean one thing….The Regional Dive weekend in Cahirciveen. As always it starts off with “Hi all divers and friends of Inbhear Sceine Kerry S.A.C. The annual regional dive weekend is near again”. Yet again when I read this I said to myself ‘Great, can’t wait to head down to Cahirciveen and have the craic’. But then I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t make it last year or the year before for that matter. Anyway off I went and booked my place. ‘ DO’, I said, ‘Mark me down for the Regional weekend’. Yesterday I tried to get my 11 year old to change his birthday to the weekend after next, but the price was way too high. So I live in hope that 2010 will be my year that I get to Valentia for mid May.

From Drop Box

Chimney Bay Kilkee

Much thanks to Matt for providing DOD cover and leading the dive operation for the first time. Notice the picture below, Matt is all business. He did a great job and hopefully will take it on again. A big thanks to Paul and Toni for providing club diver support and coxwain as well. Special thanks to Johnny and Matt for helping UCC SAC out of bother in the afternoon – and congrats to Matt for getting his coxwain test out of it! We didn’t find many golf balls in the end – but Maciej has promised some pics from beneath the waves. 

From Chimney Bay

Shoredive Kilkee May Weekend

Weather was not looking good for the weekend but a few of us wanted to get wet no matter what. So we headed down on Saturday morning hoping for the best. Our hearts fell when we saw the waves crashing over Middle Rock and the rollers washing out Newfee.  Undaunted we decided to pair up and explore the bay and do an equipment check. Hoping next weekend turns out better weather-wise.

From Shore Dive Kilkee May BH 2009



From Shore Dive Kilkee May BH 2009