Desperate divers take action!

Mike Orth and I decided a few weeks ago to take matters into our own hands regarding our diving progress, as the weather Gods are not being compliant to say the least…This decision found us both slipping out of work early, and heading to Kilkee last evening with a bootful of diving gear and grim determination. This determination was dented somewhat when we got to Doctors rock and Mike was heard to use such expressions as “boiling”..”washing machine out there”…and finishing off with “No Fxxxxxg way am I going out there!”..However not to be outdone, we soon located Newfee, and once we got over the urge to use the diveboards, we proceeded to kit up. Visability was fantastic, max depth of 9.2m meant a lovely extended chilled out dive, spotted a few lobsters, plaice, bleenys, top marks to Mike for the excellent navigation skills getting us back to the ladder 1st time, (even if I did assist!) and Brian for acting as our shore marshal.

Musings of a GOD (Golden Oldie Diver)

This being my initial toe-dip into the wonderful world of Dive Blogs, I will necessarily be brief.


I can no longer resist the need to comment to the www about the happenings in our glorious Club and Web Site, so very much to admire in both at the moment. I recognise the huge amount of work and dedication that goes into making these a success, well done to you all!


This web site is like an Aladdin’s cave of Diving Goodies. Only today, I discovered the hilarious biogs. of our illustrious committee. I laughed out loud at some of the accreditations. Who wrote this stuff? Has to be anonymous, I suppose, for fear of litigation!


Regarding Peter Walsh’s “Better Breathing for Divers” workshop in Kilkee, last Saturday, it was brilliant and so well researched and presented. However, I failed to put what I thought I had learned into practice when I dived later in the day! My two fellow GODS, Manuel and Billy went off bubbling with enthusiasm about what they had learned, Billy is determined to suggest a similar workshop for his own Club!


I said at the outset that I would be brief, so that’s it for now, well done to all concerned and do keep up the good work.

West – South Westerlies:- Desperate Scuba divers

From Drop Box


I was been patient in the hope that this patch of bad weather would stop but, yet another weekend is been effected by a Scuba Divers nemesis on the West Coast… The south Westerlies…

I am open to checking out options for people to dive if you’re will to travel to dive. I could request a permit for Lough Hyne near Baltimore, travel to Killary harbour near Lenaun Galway……or fancy a break away to Donegal. Feedback your comments and suggestions.

Are we desperate Scuba Divers yet??

Skinny-dippers spotted off George’s Head

From Free-Dive day off Georges

We never expected to get such an enormous response to our skin-diving event this week – but clearly there are some scuba divers out there unafraid to frolic in the water uninhibited. A group made up of divers from Aughinish, Ennis, Burren and Limerick SAC headed out to Georges Head in Kilkee this weekend without the usual dive gear. You might have thought this was some form of naked protest against the recession (the event was free after all), but actually it was all about free-diving.

The group met at Myles Creek Pub at 10am for a lecture on “Better Breathing for Divers” by Peter Walsh, assistant training officer from Limerick SAC. Peter is very knowledgeable on the subject of apnea and is a passionate free-diver. The lecture Peter designed covered the vital part CO2 plays when breathing efficiently. The highlight of the lecture was the state-of-the-art software he used on 3 lucky volunteers to test their breathing before and after they put his new techniques into practice.


Children of Chernobyl Barbecue

From Children of Chernobyl BBQ

Next year, Limerick Sub Aqua Club celebrates its 50th anniversary, But more importantly it’ll be the 5th year that we will organise our annual Boating trip and BBQ for the Children of Chernobyl. This year’s event was a huge success with over 60 children turning up last Thursday. With help from Lough Derg SAC and Killaloe/Ballina Search & Rescue Unit, the Children enjoyed some high speed turns, delicious burgers and face painting on the picturesque shores of Lough Derg. Even the Coast Guard took time out from their duties to sample our refreshments.

We all arrived together and like a set from Killinaskully we began unloading the trailer with all our props – barrels planks, cones, rope, chairs and the kitchen sink, you name it we had.

It was great to see Frank Corr arrive and join the party as if he was never away, he said it was because he was shy and promised he would attend more events in future.


Formula One Divers to Drivers

Hi Everyone, It says exactly what it says on the Tin. I am currently looking into organising a Friday Night in September/October to go Go Karting Racing in Kilcornan . Hopefully the weather will be in our favour as well. I will come back to you shortly about dates and prices. So go and have a think about it and decide who is the better driver you or your loved one. They do say women drivers are safer so we will have to prove this one in the ladies race. Possibly your wife or girlfriend will enjoy the fact that there wont be a back seat driver in the kart with them. Looking forward to comments about the above night !!!

Peeping Tom reaches for the Stars !

For those of you that are interested in Heaven and Earth and all things great.

Doc Tom has informed me that the International space station will be passing our skies around 11pm tonight.

So, don’t forget to drag all the locals from the bar out into the car park and stare up at the clouds like a right shower of ejits.

Tom will be wearing his Superman t-shirt as this will give the best possible clarity as it flies overhead, he recommends you do the same.

(A big S witten in lipstick on your bare chest will do too if you’ve no superman t-shirt) 


Click here for the flightpath times



Free Diving Event – 25th July, Kilkee, Co Clare

Have you ever tried Free-diving? Would you like the chance to try it out in a safe and controlled environment? Why not join us in Kilkee for this free free-diving event…Peter Walsh, assistant training officer from Limerick Sub Aqua Club will be holding a free-dive workshop on Saturday July 25th in Myles Creek, Kilkee. Peter is an avid snorkeler and free-diver.

He leads our pool training in UL during the winter months where he encourages members to improve their stamina and breathing techniques though snorkeling – to the benefit of their fitness to dive.


Limerick SAC Scuba Golf Society Ireland Ltd.

From Golf Outing

As we arrived, Rathbane resembled a cross between an assault course and omaha beach, it’s getting some remodelling and has the makings of a great course but its this ruggedness that suited our golfing style.

Richard (Tiger) Roche arranged everything from the green fees and golf balls right down to the weather, which was similar to the last outing – known to most as a Soft Day.

Regrettably the weather did produce some late withdrawals but it didn’t put us off, in fact Seamus Hassett arrived in a pair of speedo’s in anticipation of some well needed sunshine.

Golf clubs like diving equipment vary from those that should be in the Hunt Museum to the latest top of the range clubs made of space age material, however mine are inversely proportional to my scuba gear and were covered in dust, bird #%@$ and twigs but with a quick rub of Dave’s sweatshirt and the rust nearly looked like fake titanium.


The Great Detour

After Brians epic tour along the west coast of Clare a brief detour to Doonbeg worked out to be a great success on Saturday afternoon .To first time divers to Doonbeg , all enjoyed a crackin dive in the Blue Pool .

However there was great debate to where the “true Bluepool ” dive was but with a bit of local knowledge we landed on the spot.

Excellent coxn work by Ciaran, he dropped us into 29 metres of water about 10 feet away from the wall . With a flooding tide at our backs we took an easterely bearing ,keeping the wall to our right we moseyed on at a constant depth of 29 mtrs for 10 mins profiling up to the 20s . It had great rock formations and was full of life …..


Doonbeg Dive & Aughinish BBQ

Well, the Dive planned for Kilkee, got re arranged due to long trek to move boat back from Doolin to Killkee, so we stopped off in Doonbeg to launch. Depsite the slagging about the absense of walls on the Slip, we had a cracking dive, a lotta of life, a huge Conger and a small angular fish and Richard managed to see a Tope. Despite the desire to dive Blue Pool, we ended up at some dive spot yet to be titled. Difference of opinion as to what was the Blue pool dive site, but, never mind.  The dive boat of six divers plus the ever resourceful Ciaran vowed to work diving out of Doonbeg again.

From Doonbeg Blue Pool Saturday
From Aughinish BBQ and Sunday in Kilkee


Aughinish 25year Celebration Dives & BBQ

Folks, Aughinish Dive Club are celebratating 25 years in operation. A very successful club who have contributed greatly to the Sport of Scuba diving within the region.  On behalf of Limerick Sub Aqua, I wish the Club and it’s members continued success, happy and safe diving going forward.  The Aughish Dive Club are hosting a BBQ in the Skinny dog tomorrow evening.  The Club dive plan has been altered to move diving to Kilkee tomorrow to support the event. A chance to meet new divers, dive and have a bit of craic. Hope to see you there!!