Brrrr cold water diving

From Maldives

Hi guy’s Just back from a great dive holiday in the Maldives! (Honeymoon to some), By the way thanks for the best wishes.  What can i say about the diving there! You dont need me to tell you that it’s everything you think it is and more! Only one down side (except that i had to come home) was that it was the tail end of the off season, vis was sometimes reduced to ten metres down from a reputed 50m!!!!  Dive times were set so would have to dive at tidal times, High to low tide was 0.5m or less, a lot considering the high point of the island is just over 1.5m.

Got there after 4 flights so not able to dive day 1, walked the beach instead, glad i did, just 1m offshore a school of fish were hiding behind some rocks, then i saw why, 3 baby white tip reef sharks “playing” with each other. Couldn’t get my gear on fast enough then, snorkeled for the rest of the day, was counting the minutes to my first dive!!  Just being a 1* was limited to 20m, didn’t mind though was plenty to see. Got in as soon as i could and was like a kid in a sweet shop!! Hundreds of fish in hundreds of colours, Trigger fish, Lion fish and a Rock fish to name but a few. In the middle of what seemed like an underwater rainbow i looked down and saw some white tips resting on the seabed, just then a turtle swims lazily past and blocks the view! nearly forgot i was married at this stage and only 20mins into the dive.


Kilkee Army.

From Donegal Point

The army was in Kilkee this week for diving, but the sea wasn’t cooperating and I hear they had to stay inside the bay.  With this in mind Johnny and Doctor Tom headed up to the coast to see if the weather had improved at all before they moved the boat out.  I was on my way up as well, but unfortunately ran into some turbo trouble.  Anyone have a good mechanic?

Johnny offered to DO for the weekend with Dr Tom and in the end they managed to get out to North Diamonds. Steve and John from Loch Derg joined them as a pair and Brian from LD joined John for the first dive. Dr Tom and Ken completed the group while Dave and Mike K. did coxwain.  The sea was a little rough and got a little worse as the day wore on, so Dave and Mike ended up back in the middle of the bay for their dive.

My afternoon went from my turbo pouring smoke all over the dual carriageway (the second thing I rescued from the smouldering wreck was my dive gear) to me having to take dictation from Johnny on how the dive went. Hopefully theres one or two more dives planned this month. Our DO promised good weather this week, so keep a lookout for the texts.

Biraghty Mor and Bishops Island

September is a busy month on the sporting calendar. If you wanted to get a dive in this past Sunday you needed to be up early to beat the rush.  Kilkee slip was full of football fans, eager to get in a dive then rush back to watch the match. We needed to get the boat launched quickly, luckily we had a few volunteers from Lough Derg SAC to lend a shoulder. Thanks guys.  The Spring tide was rushing out so fast that another club nearly launched there boat on dry land – but luckily some bright spark caught the trailer winch at the last second.

The dive pairs were Ciaran and Richard, Doc Tom, Matt and myself and two members of Curragh SAC. The sea was not all that inviting, but we sought some shelter outside in Biraghty Mor. With three dive boats operating out of that small area, coxwains were kept busy trying to sort out which bubbles to follow and what SMB belonged to which pair. Once we got down a few meters the lumpy sea was quickly forgotten and a nice relaxing dive was had by all. When the last diver was collected we headed straight for home, conditions didn’t suit dangling the legs over the sides of rib or even trying to drag out a few mackrels. Besides Ciaran was fairly green in the face after he came up – must have been the runny eggs he had for breakfast.

Back to the slip to unload the football fans quickly. The rest of us chilled out to watch the Kilkee Strand racing. Brian was on the way for the second dive and Matt was up for one too. I agreed to cox for them – once in that sea was enough for me. The second dive was out by Bishops Island, again seeking the shelter from the waves. Must have taken twenty minutes to get the boat to our destination, and another twenty back after the dive. Our shore marshal was even a little bit worried, but all was forgiven when we arrived back safe and well. Brian misplaced his dive computer at some point on the trip, so if anyone spots it give him a shout.

What’s another year!!

2010 Committee – AGM

I did make a statement in the Diving Officer’ s report for 2009 that I was stepping down and willing to hand over the role of Diving Officer to someone else, But, alas, I was re elected once again…

My cunning plan did not work, For those of you who did not make it last night to the End of year AGM. This was brief extract of my Report:

Approximately, 35 Dive outings occurred during the Dive season 2008-2009. The Months of July & August were subjected to intermittent diving activity due to due weather conditions. But, at least most members were able to log an average of 30 dives over the season. 5 new members joined the Club this year. All completed the Pool and classroom requirements and one has moved on his club diver test with another pending test.


The club has converted 6 trainee Divers to Club diving grade this year with one person outstanding. Mike Orth, John Hassett, Maciej Perepeczo, Ken Devereux, Emma Sheehan and Roger Noonan with James Gaffney to do his test very soon.


A special word of thanks to Emma, who has finally overcome the last hurdle and passed the Club Diver test in fine style. Well Done:- Great achievement!!Not forgetting also, the great work as secetary, in keeping the lines of communication going, keeping the meetings on track and on time,  making everyone’s job on the Commitee  a lot easier 🙂


The Club has converted 3 trainee Coxswains to Coxswain Grade also. Mike, John and Matt.

The Club also has a qualified Rescue Diver also, again Congratulation Matt for achieving the grade.


All in all, I would like to pass my thanks and congratulations to all who have put in the work to prepare for these tests and successfully achieved the relative grades.


It is with the help & support of Brian Kearney and Ciaran Enright & Dave Ryan T.O. that has allowed the development of the candidates to continue.


Special thanks to Dave and John & Mike for their help & support and enthusiasm on dive sites, to Brian Kearney and Ciaran with helped out with Coxswain training over the winter.

Great credit for this is due to Mike Orth, who  has successfully re ignited the Club membership via the club website and re kindled the great spirit, good humoured banter, & great social aspect of the club once again. The dive blog, Events Calendar, are all great aspects of the Limsac 2009 season. Great credit is due to his leadership and support and so I thank Mike for his great work for the Club throughout the year. Much appreciated…


To the Equipment Officers, John and Ciaran.. Thanks guys for keeping the boat and trailer in PWO. It makes the job of the DO easier. Great Job!


I thank all those who assisted me on dive sites this year. It makes my role as Diving easier and would urge all members to continue to help, with all aspects of the diving and dive preparation.


Please continue to develop, participate in courses and enjoy your diving safely.

Yours in Diving

Brian O’ Leary

Mid Weak Anti Cyclone

From Anti Cyclone Kilkee Bay

It only took a few phone calls and we decided Wednesday was the day for diving in Kilkee. 6 of the finest divers arrived in Kilkee 2 hours before noon but something looked wrong, very very wrong, the sea was far from the placid state we’d expected.  A brisk stroll up Dunlikee was all it took to realise our plans for a relaxed dive were in jeopardy, Anti Cyclone – It sounds more like some new technology from Dyson than the promise of good weather, well that what were experienced yesterday, we thought we were inside a Dyson. From Beyond Bishops to Donegal point as far as the eye could see, the coast line was a mess, with water cascading over Berrity to spectacular waves looming over middle rock, it was not a day to venture outside the bay.


Even Skinny from OceanLife was mystified as to where the 4m swells were coming from…Ok ok they were coming from somewhere in the mid Atlantic but why? Their was a big H sitting there for the last week and a ½. Enough of this negativity and after a brief discussion we decided middle of the bay was the only place we could go, Skinny on the other hand wasn’t convinced and headed over to Illaunabha, but soon arrived back with his tail between his legs and decided to join us.


Indian Summer

Indian Summer

The weather gods shined on us last weekend sending a high pressure system that settled over Ireland delivering clear blue skys for days. Our DO reacted almost instantly, throwing together a new plan for the whole weekend for anyone that hadn’t packed their dive gear up in the attic yet. Just when we thought the diving might be finished, this extension of summer was welcomed with huge relief as many of us hadn’t been out in a month.


Wikipedia defines Indian Summer as a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn“. It goes on to say: The term “Indian summer” is used metaphorically to refer to a late blooming of something, often unexpectedly, or after it has lost relevance. This is comparable to the use of the term renaissance in the sense of “revival”, but it carries the added connotation that the revival is temporary. (Pasted from <>)


I for one hope this revival isn’t temporary at all – and I hear another fine weekend is planned. We might not have the clear blue skies again, but a lack of rain and mild winds should mean the viz can only get better and we might just squeeze in a few more dives before we get back to the pool for next years training.


This past weekend a lot was going on. Cois Fharraige was all set to descend on Kilkee again and the mood was electric around the town. There was a huge blue tent erected on the way in, presumably where the festival goers with tickets were went to flock. But in these recessionary times it seems more people decided to buy a bag of cans and hang around the main street. It wasn’t just tents that littered Kilkee for the weekend. Personally, sitting out on the dive boat at Goerge’s Head was about as close as I needed to get to hear the music just fine thanks.


Dave Keane Ties the knot and heads for the Maldives

Congrats and best wishes to Dave Keane as he ties the knot today and flies off into the Maldives sun for his honeymoon.  Really, getting married, was only a secret ploy to get in a great Dive Holiday.  Enjoy the Honeymoon, the Diving.. All the Rest Dave… Laughing 

LSAC Birthday Countdown Calculator.

A little bird told me that a certain bearded Instructor celebrates his birthday today.

As you all know once you turn 40 you begin to count backwards as this is how you’ll end up,
be it 2 or 78 you’ll be wearing nappies, drinking from a beaker, talking gibberish and using a walker/zimmer frame for transportation.
If you can reach 0 you’re now above the national average and well on your way to celebration your 3rd 21st as you begin count forward again.

So who turned 39 today for the 2nd time !