Peter the free diving ninja and his orange sea-doo !

This year’s training started with a bang, full on, no expense spared, we had more equipment than a dive shop, underwater scooters, camera’s, video recorders, full face masks, underwater communications, mono fins, You name it we had it!
In the pool it was a real family affair with a life time of ages from Cian at 12 to the legend Ronnie who’s surely 104 and fitter than most of us creaking 40 year olds. And to document all this, we were delighted to have a reporter from the Limerick Leader attend and try his hand at scuba for the first time.
And it doesn’t end there , we get to do it all again next week, but the highlight will be on the 3rd of November when, due to popular demand, Peter Walsh will be giving his highly acclaimed, free diving breath holding workshop – I can’t wait.
Some of the antics this week included….


Meeting Maceik Again


I am just back from a short break on the South side of the island of Tenerife where I took advantage of an invitation that was thrown out to the club in general at Maceik’s leaving do some weeks ago. I’m not sure that poor Maciek thought anybody was going to take him up on the offer so quick but he did make the mistake of sending me on his Spanish mobile number. We arrived on Sunday and just chilled out for the day, but on Monday I sent a text to Maceik to see how he was and what was the story with booking a few dives. He called me back at the end of his working day and was good enough to arrange for me to be picked up outside my hotel the next morning, I did try to negotiate with him about the pick up time as 08.30 is too early for me even at home but I was on the losing side!!!!

The following morning I awoke at 08.12 to the sound of my watch alarm, turned it off and said I would get up in 5 minutes but one minute later the alarm on my phone went off, I tried to ignore it for a minute but a sharp elbow from my significant other was my signal to get up and turn it off. Fortunately I had packed some stuff in my back pack the night before so grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge I went down to meet my lift to the dive center. I was met 2 minutes later right on time by the lovely Ramona who came to Tenerife 10 years ago for a short break and is still there to this day!!!! Ramona had two of her dogs in the back of the jeep who were so well behaved that I did not even know there were even there until the end of the journey when they jumped out looking forward to another tough day lying down in the dive center sleeping, running around, being petted by the divers and getting thrown some tidbits from the guys in between dives. Then Maceik came out from the equipment room all smiles and hand shakes it was good to see him and he seemed to have to have settled in well. He booked me in to the center and give me some form to fill in, made it all so easy. We had time for a quick chat and he told me of his lucky escape two weeks before when some Muppet in a uninsured rental car knocked him off his motorbike, he is ok but the bike needs a lot of work to repair it. The sea water is good for healing his cuts and scrapes so no break from work for him, anyway onto the diving.


UL Scuba Pool Training: Speedo verses Quicksilver

On your marks divers, pool training is just around the corner. It’s time to put the wet suit away and go looking for your faded Speedo’s, you know the one’s…It’s the pair you bought when you were 22 about 32 years ago, they started off red and now look a gay pink.
Build for speed but not the cat walk, once on, they automatically make you go blue as you fail to hold in the 6 pack you once possessed. Some say Dave Ryan has a navy pair and refers to them as his nicker Speedo’s.
For the younger members it’s the pair that says RipCurl or QuickSilver,
They start somewhere below your man boobs and go right down to your calf !
Cool they might look but but no one know what your packing (or lack of) and anyway they behave like your own personal sea anchor. Apparently our chairman has a lovely baby blue pair.
Enough said.
Peter and I would be delighted to see you strutting your stuff at the poolside.
So join us on the 13 of October for the first of many.
Here are the dates…
Oct 13,20.
Nov 3,10,17,24.
Dec 1,8,15.
Jan 5,12,19,26.
Feb 2,9,16,23.
Mar 2,9.