The Case of the Missing 5th Gear

Mike is back on the Road but some things are not quite right !
Some time ago Mike blew his turbo, he was apparently giving it welly while listening to King of Leon’s new single ‘Sex on Fire’.

This morning I got a phone call  “My 5th Gear is gone, I have 4th and 6th but no 5th “ he said bewildered. “Maybe I could do without it” he added, But that’s like saying which finger could you do without !
I like to hold on to all my pinkies thank you very much.

In the meantime I’ve contacted Henry Street and reported the theft !


Submerged: A Lifetime of Diving By Mick Moriarty


Just finished reading this fascinating book written by Mick Moriarty. In his book, Mick takes the reader on a journey through Irish scuba diving history as he saw it happening first hand.  There are chapters covering Spearfishing, Snorkeling, Commercial Diving and the formation of CFT.

This book should be required reading for all club members or anyone interested in the history of scuba diving in Ireland.  The stories that Mick chronicles in his book are very interesting and his description of events is vivid.

It wasn’t untill I found diving for the first time that I realised I had awoken a long slumbering passion for everything underwater. In Micks first chapter he captures this moment that every first-time diver experiences:

Suddenly the world that I had known for 26 years, a world that ended at the surface of the water, was gone. I was in a new and strange place, bathed in a brown-gold light from the late afternoon sun. The slanting rays threw mysterious shadows along the bottom of the lake behind the bigger stones and the pillars that supported the ramp. I inspected the support pillars and then looked out towards the darkenss of the deeper water beyond.

I picked up a signed copy of this book back in May for our Movie Night at the Lakeside Hotel in Ballina.  I believe you can still get a copy of this book through CFT, more info is available at their website.



The Tale of our Mariner 320 and a fearless Leinster supporter

New Mariner 320

As some of you are aware Francis is a true blue -a Lunster Supporter living in Manorhamilton and is also known to service the odd regulator and VIP a few bottles. He also supplies compressors and wouldn’t be lost in Moore Street with his slang and sharp wit.

Chapter One.
Last November we decided to replace our compressor before the existing one blew up and according to Murphy that’s exactly what happened. Yes, Murphy got his hands on our Marnier and it finally gave up the Ghost back in May.


Chapter Two
It finally arrived although I suspect Francis was holding on to it for some time, delaying his arrival to coincide with the Munster v Ulster interprovincial in Thomand Park. This was strongly refuted but how could you believe a Dublin Jackeen wearing a crisp new Leinster Jersey hailing from Leitrim and driving a Galway registered Land Rover Sport.  Especially since his son was dressed from head to toe in Munster gear.

Then the banter started.



GODS on tour: El Hierro

GODS: El Hierro

Reporting back from our GODS (Golden Oldies Diving Society) Centenary diving trip (i.e. Shane Gray’s 100th organised trip) to El Hierro…


There were 20 of us, from all parts of the country, including current and former members of L.S.A.C.; Maeve Callanan, John Mullins, Tom McDonnell, Colm O’Shea, Manuel Di Lucia and yours truly. We were later joined by Pat Hehir from outside Ennis, who just happened to be over there on his own. Most of the party had been on Shane’s first ever trip way back in 2001, so it was to prove to be a pretty nostalgic return!


After flying out of Dublin, overnighting in Tenerife and speeding out by luxurious high speed ferry in a 2 hour run, we reached El Hierro, the most westerly island in Europe. The ferry docked at the Island’s capital Valverde, whence we undertook the one hour trip in 3 vehicle convoy, to our destination, the small fishing and diving village of La Restinga. Too late for a dive we chilled out in the 20 degree evening sunshine, gathering in Shane and Ollie’s apartment, as we did every evening, for Happy Hour drinks and a surprise presentation of lovely commemorative polo shirts. Onwards then and every night, to local restaurants for grub, usually finishing up in “El Bar”, wearing only pants and tee shirt, at whatever hour of the night or morning took our fancy.