New Years Resolution

Frozen Marina

Tis far from the Safari Beach Resort we can imagine ourselves in.  But when you go reading blogs like yours Ronnie ,all you can think about is, getting back into the gear and go Diving  .The fishing Clubs webcam potrays flat calm conditions and even a fishing boat is moored so it must be someway decent. 

 A few of us will be diving in Killaloe for the spring time, training as we always do with the search and recovery unit, but i think a true New Years Resolution would be to go for a sea dive once a month for the months of Jan/Feb/Mar. Before we know it ….  Paddys Day will be here.. and roll on the season . Anyone interested in going Give us a shout and we will see what can be arranged . No doubt before this Blog is read, we will all have heard of Brians New Years Splash as he always does !!!

Hopefully the roads will be safe to travel on and the sea will stay someway decent  for a paddle in the bay .

Keep in Touch if anyone is interested

PS  “It might be warmer in the water than outside”