Shore Diving and Seasearch

Shore Dive Bridges and Doctors

I don’t know about you but sometimes I actually prefer a shore dive.  You watch the weather and the tides and when both line up perfectly with your schedule, it’s time to grab the gear and head for Kilkee. With no pressure of launching and recovering a boat, a shore dive can be a great way to ease back into the diving. 

Kilkee has a good few good spots.  Newfee is almost always available wether the tide is low or high. Its shallow and sheltered so any novice can take it on without anxeity. Doctors Rock and Myles Creek are more challenging and you be advised to get an experienced buddy to show you the way.  I was lucky to have Paul Doherty and Richard Roche around to show me the ropes recently.  We met in the carpark at Diamond Rocks Cafe about an hour before low tide. We planned to drop in about 15 mintues before the tide turned so we would be on the slack. Thanks to the two lads leading the way, we had no trouble navigating out to Doctors rock and safely back again.



The Great Limerick Run May Bank Holiday

I had thought of writing up the title as “Roches on the Run ” but it sounded as if we had just a completed a great Coo ” A Jailbreak from Prison” .As you are well aware The Great Limerick Run Is taking place this weekend around the city and there is up to several thousand runners taking part in the Full / Half Marathon and 10 K runs .

Both Caroline and I are running the Half Marathon so between the both of us we will hopefully cover the full 26.2 miles. If people are around on Sunday morning and around the town it would be great to see a few fimiliar faces to cheer us on!

 Several weeks ago my fitness test was of great interest to everyone on the opening day of the Quarry.So hopefully i will keep my promise that my training for the run will carry us over the line. Enjoy the Diving !

Rescue Course Kilkee

From Drop Box

This past weekend John Underhill from Burren Sub Aqua organized a very succesful Rescue course.  I was lucky enough to get a spot on this course after a cancellation and I must say it was really great!  The weather was perfect and there was a fantastic turnout. The course was supported by many different clubs from the region – a big thank you to all involved.


As a newly qualified Club Diver I was always used to the basics, mind your gear, do your Buddy Check, follow your DO’s advice.  Now I know a bit more of why you do a buddy check in the first place.  The course empasizes awareness, of yourself and your fellow divers, of your dive environment and the weather. Lectures were run by volunteers from the region and the rescue dives were supported by instructors from several different clubs, 1 instructor for each trainee. In order for an event like this to come off – there must have been a lot of hard work from all invovled – with 4 boats running and 4 shot lines in Kilkee Bay setup.  I’m looking forward to practicing the skills I learned down in Portroe Quarry in the near future.

Portroe Quarry Dive

Portroe Quarry

I think it is fair to say” Job well Done” to the staff  at Portroe Quarrys . They couldnt have had a better day yesterday with all the  support and business from  the diving community .Diving clubs from the Mid West and Southern Regions gathered to see the new dive centre. Crew from the Killaloe Coastguard and Killaloe/Ballina Search and Recovery Dive unit were all present to herald the opening. Rescue 115 carried out an official flyover and  now has it logged as a dive centre.

Great to see such great support from the club .The Dods Brian and Mike ran a great show.Some of us had dived here in the past and for others it was a new adventure. I dived with Johny Hassett and travelled down the shaft to twenty Metres . I think it was deep enough knowing the fact you can dive all the way down to the bottom at 37m .On a hot Summers day it is still only 4 oc at the bottom so we decided we wouldn’t run the risk of a free flow in cold water

The quarry is a great spot for training or any persons going forward for tests.It is an ideal spot for lifts and free dives especially when sea conditions are not favourable . I did alot of training there in the past for the pre regs for leading diver and rescue diver

Hope everyone gets up there for a dive over the Easter or in the not too distant future!