Portroe Freedivers

Summer time officially started in Portroe Quarry on Thursday 20th May, although you had to be early to get the warm sun on your back. We arrived at 6:30pm to find the water as still as a garden pond, what an evening for a spot of freediving. I was armed with my new head mounted video camera and had high expectations of some good deep footage. Tony and I began with a 10 minute ventilation warm-up and then took turns pulling down the first shot line. 15 minutes later and we were reaching the bottom  which looked rather spooky with the covered in shaft. Pull downs and fin downs to 16-17 metres pleased us both for out first real training session in 2010. Tony and I are preparing for the first official Open Water Freedive course in Ireland which will take place (ash permitting) on the June Bank Holiday weekend. Instructor Brian Crossland based in Egypt is coming over to train up 4 people. Successful candidates will receive an international certification in Freediving. Here are a few clip of our training in preparation for this debut course. By the way try to hold your breath as soon as the duckdive begins and see how it feels.