50th Year Dinner Dance Celebration

Up to 93 persons attending as of yesterday.


Can all unsold tickets be returned as soon as possible.

Thanks to those who popped in last night to the lough Bar and those who have been submitting Spot prizes.

Great credit is due to Emma Sheehan, Teresa Hogan, Mike Hynes, Maeve Callinan, Ronnie Hurley, Doc Tom and Brian Kearney for working behind the scenes to get the tickets out there for the event. With a little breathing space, the numbers have been reached, the guys can focus on the last minute arrangements.

Don’t forget to book hotel as soon as possible if intending to stay.

Please work on any outstanding Spot prizes and get them any member of the committee as soon as possible.


So get the suits and dresses out of storage. Forget the semi’s, drysuit and fins for a while. Take a bath in soapy water instead of the sea or Portroe and I’ll see you for a great night in the Savoy on the 10th July.


Just taking a minute out to ponder on this event, I am overwhelmed by the fact that it is indeed one of the oldest Sub Aqua Clubs in Ireland. The Club has had it’s ups and downs but, Club still has a thriving membership, and a great thanks to all those current and past members who will come along on the 10th July to celebrate it’s establishment.


Credit is due to our esteemed Honorary and long serving members, Mike Hynes, Brian Kearney, Ronnie Hurley, Frank Corr, Doctor Tom, John Breen & Maeve Callanan. They have renewed their association with the club on a year by year basis and continue to offer advice and support to the Newbie’s who beaver away to keep the Club going. The current Club membership and those yet to grace it’s doors owe so much to those who strive to get this club started and keep it going throughh out the years.

I take pride in been a member of Limerick Sub Aqua, I look forward to celebrating Limerick Sub Aqua long heritage and I want to take this opportunity to say


Thanks to all our members past and present for been apart of Limerick Sub Aqua Club.

Best wishes to all those who have passed through the lecture room doors, togged out for Pool training and stepped on to a Dive boat or on to a shore dive location.

Remember the great times, great dives, social gatherings, the people from the diving community which you have met as a member of limerick Sub Aqua. I hope you, as I do, see that it is and has been a privilage to be associated with Limerick Sub Club.

We will toast Gerry & Edel, Suzanne & Lisa, the 2 Mikes, Orla & Alan, Trina and Aidan, Eugene, Finbar, Donal & Arlene, Richie, Oda, Seamus, Seamus, Dave & Victor, the Carews, the Allens, Weitse, Siobhan, Eoin,  Charles, Fergal, Eddie and so many more past members that I remember from the days when initially joining Limerick Sub Aqua.

Best wishes to all those 371 + persons and their respective families who have been associated with Limerick Sub Aqua Club over the last 50 years.

Yours in Diving,

Brian O’ Leary

Diving Officer

Limerick Sub Aqua Club




Ronnie’s visit back to Portroe

Ronnie, delighted me with an invitation for a dive in Portroe on Sunday. So myself, Ronnie and Eimhear all dived there on Sunday. We took the opportunity to get in, down the ladder on the ramp and exit off to the left side, we eased our way down down to the car and Van. I hopped in to the back of the van, (Effects of narcosis@10M??, likely as I was sure I could get a lift for the rest of the dive??)  We then meandered out to the bolders on the far wall and pottered around along that side for course of the 40min dive. We varied dive between 8-15Meters. Ronnie acted as referee for the ultimate challenge..X’s & O’s with Eimhear across one of the boulders. Great dive with good visibilty with temps varying between 11 & 15degrees.  Alas, the X’s&O’s rematch at the 3M Stop, where I was referee, did not yield a winner, can’t beat a wiley fox like Ronnie.. Hard Luck Eimhear!!!

The 2nd dive with Eimhear and John Dunne from Lough Derg allowed our dive group to do a 360 tour of the Quarry. Lots to see and even the big Winch wheel was spotted on our travels. Great stuff as Eimhear is making strides at working up the dives on the logbook.

Mike & Roger braved the day also to take a tour of the bottom. Hope Roger survived the 5degree bottom temps. I hope the goolies are still in tact….

Hopes of a BBQ were dashed as Chinkey was a no show on the day 🙁 Anyone who travelled in the expectation of a burger, or a frankfurter smothered in onions and Mustard were in hard luck and had to be content with a bottle of water and a kit kat from the Dive Centre. 


Bridges of Ross Dives on Friday

Safari Night Dive Ross (Bridges of)

Well, as conditions were forecasted bad for Sunday, Myself, Emma, Ken, Mike and Dr. Tom dived Bridges of Ross. Dr. Tom was a surprised visitor on the night 🙂 but, all availed of some great diving over the course of the evening. Conditions were excellent, but had a great time diving, Mike was chef for the evening, out came the BBQ and the burgers and sausages were flying off the BBQ and Frying pan.

Despite the odd shower, Dave Ryan dropped by to supervise events, and the beer and the sausages went down all too well. Alas the call of the night dive grew stronger so myself, Mike and Emma kiited up and got in for a dive at just after 11pm. We heading for the usual route, wall on the north West side and led the group up the Gully and up to 6meter and out through the other gully out due west., but turned around and back through same path again. The compass went into meltdown on the way back, but, all in all nothing like a diving at sea at night, flat calm with loads of life out. 

We seen Congers out on the hunt, plaice, Lots of Lobster and crab. Ken our shore Marshall had been getting anxious awaiting out return. but we surfaced on the hour mark. Lovely relaxing night dive. The haul of gear back up was the only draw back across the slippery rocks. but, we sat down under the full moon’s gaze recanting the events of dive, with Budweiser, Wine and Bulmers until the wee hours before retiring in to the tents for some sleep after 2am. Thanks to Mike for the BBQ. The Ghost stories were just the trick in this eerie spot. We’ll have to do that again and bring something for a fire next time… Check out the photos on the Photo’s tab. 

Weekend updates

From Scubathon 2010

Well some of Club membership managed to get some great dives over the weekend. Friday’s dive on Middle Rock astounded the divers with some great life. Conger, lobster, blenny’s Crab, all seen, great dive. Have to do an evening dive like that again.

The biggest lobster I had ever seen was scaring its juniors out of it’s terrority. So much so, it strolled right past me and paused to “tell me” to get out of it’s way 🙂

Saturday unveiled a new dive spot, if we can find it again!!. While trying to find a lost weight pouch, Martin & myself dropped into a hole with an Arch in it and proceeeded to follow a shelf with many inlets/caves. Great dive, from middle of bay towards Middle Rock.

I also had the pleasure to dive with Ronnie. Lovely dive in the same area trying to find the Arch and Shelf once again.

The scubathon ended with that dive, and as photos revealed, the most senior diver of the Club, Ronnie was diving in a group with the most Junior member of the Club, Richard Ryan.  Richard has logged his 17th dive of the season so far, a very accomplished diver, putting us old Fougies to shame.  Well done Richard!!!

Anyone, who would like to donate a few Euros to support the Scubathon 1 day for Rehab can still do so..


The club membership are meeting every tuesday at the Locke bar between 8-10pm. C U there!!!

Updates from weekend :- Scubathon

Thanks to all those who took part and supported events over the weekend. Club started diving about 8.30pm and the dive off Middle Rock on Friday evening capped it all. Visibility was excellent, the congers, loads of lobster were out. In fact, I seen biggest lobster ever residing in Middle rock. Such that he scared his junior buddy out against me. No fear of my presence at all.

On saturdays dives, an unexpected find, was a dive under a shelf in the middle of the bay. Myself and Martin Noonan were buddied and while we were suppose to dive middle Rock, we dropped in to look for a weight pouch at 6M only to move on to drop into a hole with an Arch at about 20M, and then continued to head to middle rock. The dive unveiled a number of caves back and allowed to us see a big Conger, Cod, Pollock and a good few lobster, blenny’s a huge crab. Excellent dive.

Then I had the pleasure to dive with Ronnie, as we decided to dive in the same vicinity due the heavy westerly swell and Northely moderately breezes. Joined by Dave and richard, we had a lovely relaxed dive. Lots to see and it allowed us to wrap up Dive Operations for the day in which after the Photo shoot upon return to shore for Rehab.

All retired to the “Skinny” for a few light refreshments and a BBQ. A fitiing end or maybe not for some, Scotts and a few pubs got visited and the Bacardi’s were flowing … A few wolly heads arrived to see boat exit slip on Sunday   🙂

Club resumed normal dive operations on Sunday with a dive on the pinnacle. It is now marked on the GPS for reference. Lovely dive and fortunately dive conditions allowed all to have an enjoyable dive on it. Unfortunately, dive ops ceased after the 1st dive to allow for father’s day treats.


Anyone fancy Camp and BBQ at Bridges of Ross next Friday evening??  Boat will move to Doolin next week.


24Hr Scubathon for Rehab Care

From Scubathon 2010

LimSAC as well as the other regional Clubs have been asked to support a regional 24hr Scubathon for Rehab care. Today is the day where there are a number of events been run to support and fun raise for Rehab. So LimSac will do it’s bit to support the event.

So the Boat will be moved to Kilkee this evening and anybody coming to dive over the next 24hrs will have their dive fees given to Rehab. Ex member Victor Brown is organising the event and I gather that Lough Derg , LimSAC, Ennis and Aughinish are going to dive in support of the event.

Mike has Sponsorship cards and T shits for participants.  Weather, winds & Tides are supporting the cause so come along and join in and hopefully we’ll have a bit of fun supporting the event.

Some of us are going to camp out, Bring the BBQ’s, de odourant and Sun scream, a few drinks would not go astray also… It will be needed!!!!!. 

All dives will be charged at 5€, make sure Torches come for the night dives…


See you there!!!! 

50th year Dinner Dance

Come on Folks, Get a move on…. Get your tickets for the dinner dance before they run out.  We have people coming from Galway, (Inbher  Sceine) Kerry, Lough Derg & Aughinish Dive Clubs. Hurry up as time is running out.


Come pick up your tickets at the Locke bar from members of the Commitee every Tuesday night between 8-10pm at the Lock Bar.


Limsac Updates and Portmagee Dive Week

Well, let  me 1st apologize as I have missed updating the blog in recent times.

Congratulations to Peter for completing the Freediving Course in Portroe. Well Done.

Well done to John & Emma for passing the Rescue test on 30th May.

Well done to Matt for kicking off preparations for the leading diver. A long path, that will lead to success in september.

Miriam, Eimhear and Richard are working up dives in open water, so well done for the progress you have made to date.

Dave & James will soon be preparing for Club Diver tests. 🙂

Paul & Emma will get some reminders to complete preparations for the Coxswain test after this week in Portmagee. 🙂

Alas, Club learned that Sean Mc Glynn & Tony Dalton will have to say farewell to Diving. Farewell and I wish you well for the future.


Portmagee Dive week

Club tried out 2 new sites, Lemantaugher and Long Island. 2 new spots for the club to try out and definitely

spots to be tried again. Members also got to dive Lemon Rock. A spot requiring care, but, well worth the trip considering some of the sights and photo’s. Refer to Paul Doherthy’s facebook site for the photo’s.

Some members were guided down to 40m in preparation for the Baltimore trip. A virginal depth for some. 🙂

Puffin south kept club diving going by sheltering us out of the northerlies. We had some great diving!!

Having a dry cox for the early dives certainly helped, thanks Ciaran.

Overall, 72 dives were run over the week. some great dives, some great times also in the bridge bar not to mention, Ciaran’s Cookie monster top he wears while cycling out to Glen pier.. Have to get that Photo 🙂

I already cannot wait to get back to Portmagee next year!!


Snorkeling and Breathing update!

AIDA Freedive Certification Portroe

Having just complete my AIDA ** Freediver Training I would like to share some interesting observations while on the course. Firstly, if anybody in the club is going abroad on holidays wanted to do a little snorkeling between dives then make sure it is covered in your travel insurance. Apparently many insurance companies classify “snorkeling” as “swimming on the surface of the water with mask, snorkel and fins looking down” and as soon as one duck dives it is considered freediving. So, check out the small print on your travel insurance policy if you intend to try a few duck dives. Secondly for anyone trying extended duration snorkeling this summer i.e. breathhold diving the breathing after the dive is equally as important as the breathing-up before the dive. This is according to Brian Crossland, AIDA Freedive Instructor and there is a specific method for “Recovery Breathing” : Inhalation is aggressive with mouth open and exhalation is passive with mouth open and 3-4 of these are performed after every breathhold dive under the watchful eye of your dive buddy. This method helps to re-oxygenate the blood more efficiently and minimizes the risk of a blackout. Always remember if you intend freediving : Wait 12hours after a scuba dive before freediving and never freedive alone.