Autumn of Dive season 2010

Alas, Diving for 2010 is coming to an end, but, fortune smiled on Limsac members to allow for diving in Portroe in support of the Clean up Day. A great day, Sun was out, A great number of divers attended, It allowed Dave & James finish off prep work for there pending Club Diver tests.

The Pig on a spit and the BBQ was great, infact, probably worth considering a repeat event again next year, all going well. I hope everyone aswell as I, left Portroe with a feeling of great achievement in assisting with the cleaning up a very wonderful inland, all year round diving resource. Thanks again to all the folks in Portroe for kicking off the idea, providing a great and rewarding day of Diving.

The weather continued to smile on us, and the sea beckoned once again, so fortunately, a few of us joined up with our fellow divers from Aughinish for a days diving out of Kilkee. A dive off Bishops and Middle rock were on the dive menu and we took full advantage. The visibilty was good and the reports of mackerel shoals were amazing. Pity we did not have the fishing lines out for the 1st dive. Still Mary made up for it on the 2nd dive and the tackle was hastilty put together during the surface interval. Yes, indeed, Mary and Bob were rewarded for their efforts.

Thanks to my Dive Buddy on 2nd dive, Barry from Lough Derg, we toured Middle Rock and headed back to the Cathedral Cave back in the middle of the Bay. All in all, the tour took us 50minutes to complete, I think the smile on Barry’s face after the the dive said it all… Misson accomplished.

Hopefully, we may be lucky with another few days of diving yet, but, if not, Portroe is there for us now and all in all, I can’t really complain.  We have had a great year of diving. Certainly, weather allowed for a lot more opportunities at sea this year.

I suppose the achievements for the year may be listed as

A few rescue Diver grades

A new leading Diver

Approximately 560 dives logged by members of the Club

2 new Trainee Diver grades have completed all the dive log requirements to go forward for test.

Club will have 2 new Club diving grades very soon.. Finger crossed 🙂

Great 50th year celebration event …… Thanks to Teresa & Emma

A year in which we had Ronnie(“Club’s most senior member”) diving with Richard, it’s youngest member.

Ronnie’s revistit back to Portroe.

2 Search & recovery divers

A number of DFR qualified divers.

The core of the Club have been building up experience and this year, for many, extended the diving to include wreck diving out of Baltimore.

All in all some great positives for the year, and overall, the Limsac commitee, and instructor grades have been delighted to have been a part of this great season.

Can 2011 beat it…. Wait and keep tuned to the website blogs then….






Success :-) : Matt Wardle –> New Leading Diver for LIMSAC

From Leading Divers Smerick

After a drought of many years, Limerick Sub Aqua has a new leading Diver grade, Matt Wardle!!! Congratulations & well done to Matt, who stepped up to the mark and passed his Leading Diver  in Smerick , Dingle over the weekend.

The course and test is demanding, but, Matt received his Cert after a tough weekend of testing. A great achievement for Matt and the Club. Once again, the gaunlet has been laid down to the rest of the Club membership to “give it a lash”.

Club has been making great development with skills and grading over the last few years.

Trainee grades converted to Club diving grade, Coxswains, DFR and Rescue divers!!! and now Matt is the latest to raise the bar once more, next step, the instructor grades 😀 !!!

Meanwhile Eimhear, got her 1st taste of a mock test run of a club diver test yesterday in Portroe and leading her 1st dive. Well done!!!  Congrats on getting a few extra weeks work in Traleee 🙂

A good year overall for Diving with well over 550 dives logged by Limsac members, helped by the availability of Portroe to provide diving opportunities in bad weather.

Congrats also to Tom Shaw from Lough Derg Club who also passed his leading Diver Test weekend. Well Done Tom!!