Diving over the Winter period

Generally, Club activity around diving from October to February shuts down, however, with the availability of Portroe, there are now options to continue diving.

So, for those who wish to continue, allow me to comment

Water is colder, Water temperatures will drop from a current 10degrees to 8degrees on the surface to a possible 3 degrees in december/Janurary timeframe at depth of 38M in Portroe.

As such,

Drysuit diving is recommended

Regulators are stressed and some dive regulators may not be suited to the colder working conditions and therefore present a higher risk of free flow.

Hypothermia, is more likely the longer the dive and so with it the higher risk of decompression due to it by nature of the colder temperaturse a “Cold Dive”


So members are advised to communicate your interest in Diving Portroe to the D.O.

Plan dive carefully. Get advice of experienced diving members.

Bring a change of clothes and make sure you wear warmer thermals than normal.

Consider a ” Warmer Wolly bear”

End your dive appropiately if shivering begins.

Bring Warm drinks for Post dive debrief.

In the event of a free flow, do not panic, Abort your dive and ascend at a safe ascent rate and your buddy should assist.

Report any incident or issues to D.O. ASAP.

Dive training 2011 Season

Wow… What a way to start the new season. LimSac welcome 16 new Trainee grades to it’s membership this year. Last Night’s pool session was busy!!  Members benefitted from participating in the CPR lecture last week and then covered, Intro to CMAS,  Hand signals and Dive Physics last night.

Pat O’ Brien will give next weeks lecture on Dive Equipment, so good opportunity for all members to pick up new gear items.

Congratulations to all those trainees who passed their passed their Pool tests last night.

Continue to work on the medicals.

Our Club treasurer Frank Hopkins will be available to meet all members next week for collecting Fees and discussing Direct Debit and fee payment optionss.


Reminder to all members to get Dive medicals renewed!!

Reminder to members to attend Pool session as Water fitness test is due for renewel once again.

Reminder to all members to think about getting gear serviced for 2011, so this year, Pat O’ Brien, Francis Jenkins, and Portroe Dive centre are available to meet your needs.