So You WANNADIVE in Tenerife??


I´ve had the pleasure of spending the last 4 weeks in tenerife, during which time i´ve logged up quiet a few dives with a fantastic dive center called “wannadive” .Those of you who know Majeic will recall that he came to Wannadive and completed his Padi Divemaster internship with them. I came with the same intention but quickly realised that while I like diving, I don´t like it that much!

Anyway, The diving here is very good. With the water a balmy 24 degrees in November and visability usually around 20 metres well who would complain?. During my dives here, i have had the pleasure of seeing stingrays, groupers, lizard fish, glass-eye fish, blenny, wrasse,scorpion fish, puffer fish, trumpet fish, angel shark, sea turtle, black moray eel, and the most beautiful of all in my opinion, the fangtooth moray.  The shop has a selection of over 20 dive sites to choose from, and the great thing is, the majority of them are only 10 minutes via rib from the beach. Depths of the sites vary from 10 metres to 40 metres, but the great thing about the shallowest site?…its where you have a better than even chance of swimming with a sea turtle! There are 3 turtles at this site, thankfully everyone has enough sense not to chase these guys, so generally when they see you diving, they will come over for a closer inspection

Wannadive run a very smooth, efficent and safe operation. The shop is owned and run by Marc and Ramona, and they make sure that everyone is well looked after and comfortable. There is an endless supply of tea and coffee (well its the small things that make the difference!), a dive shop that is the best i´ve seen with everything from whistles to BCD´s to semi-drys for sale, and all at decent prices, a lot better than we´re used to in Ireland at any rate! There is a large wet room where all the dive gear is stored and you can kit up for the dive. A wide assortment of semi drys and bcds are available to suit all sizes, a plentiful selection of 12 litre and 15 litre bottles, and an in-house compressor to cater for both air and nitrox fills. The wet room also incorporates a small pool for trainees. Generally there are 3 dives per day. Once you´re kitted up in the wet room, its a quick 2 minute walk to the beach where the rib is moored.

So in summary, if any of you guys decide to venture away from the snow and ice, and catch a cheap flight to Tenerife, I would highly recommend you call in to Marc and Ramona, you will not be disappointed! Check out their excellent website at