HP or LP

It has come to my attention that a certain “experienced committee member” has forgotten the difference between HP and LP.
Now LP to those of the bald and grey diving community, might refer to the vinyl records that once were the in thing and to which Ronnie has the biggest collection on the North Circular Road.
Similarly HP might refer to the only loans that banks can offer in this time of uncertainty, the fine weather or the sauce you use on your hairy bacon

So Mr Chairman, I’ve have it in good authority (from Brian O’Leary no doubt), that HP in this instance refers to Hewlett Packard.
Therefore when buying hoses make sure you use a HP computer to order the correct fecking hose the next time !

2011 – A new year of diving to look forward to :-)

Well, as we all got back to pool training yesterday, all members are reminded to get in the pool for Pool fitness tests, Treasurer is looking for your money ASAP. Best keep the treasurer happy!!!

A reminder to start getting equipment serviced and ready in time for the new year.  Francis Jenkins is on his way, so start dropping of equipment for test to John please.

I think we have stabilized the numbers of 12 new trainee membersfor 2011, so a big welcome to Limerick Sub aqua to

Angelique, Alma, Frances, Ger, the 2 Jason’s… Noel, David for rejoining, kieran, Bill, Mark and Dwane.

Can all member hand over logbooks to D.O. Please and all members are asked to log into CFT profiles and complete On line medical disclaimer please.

1st Dive of 2011

Well I missed an opportunity to squeeze in some dives in December, yet again work getting in the way, however, after recovering from New year’s celebrations in Kenmare, ventured up to Portroe Quarry to dive on Sunday. The quarry was not ice ridden, thankfully, so Matt, my buddy.. just another lunatic willing to dive in these conditions kitted up and we had a “nice” dive. I was anxious to test out my new torch, a magicshine 1200Lumen LED all the way from Hong Kong. Very happy with it 🙂

Visibility from the sleepers down to 38M was crystal clear. No problem seeing the bottom. We did a bit of a tour out to the far wall and then returned in a clock wise direction back to ramp. By the time we finished our Deco requirments, we were 45 minutes in the water. The hands were suffering from the 4degree water temperatures at this stage. Still, nice dive after warming up in the heated Porta cabin 🙂 looking forward to another dive this weekend.