Rebreathers, Rebreathers everywhere – Portroe

From One if by land, Two if by Sea, 3 for Portroe Quarry

Well, that is what I felt when I arrived in Portroe, While it was a quiet, Sunny day great day to get in a series of dives, I noted a few customized Rebreather as well as the usual suspects, the AP Values Inspiraion tas well as the rEvo, rebreather an option I had not seen before.

Anyway, I was brought back to reality with continuing to run dives with Noel, Jason and David. I managed to do a series of 4 * 25minute dives. Noel manage to squeeze in a second dive with me. Not put off by the gush of water into his dry suit. Hopefully we will soon get to the bottom of the leak, in his neckseal. At least next week may be a degree warmer 🙂

Visibilty was excellent and when I took David and Eimher of on a dive, we managed to dive on the Shamrock, David’s 1st wreck dive, a privilage for a trainee grade.  All are making progress and so a sea outing is beckoning closer. All we are awaiting for now is for Alma, Eamonn,  & Jason & Hayes to join in on the fun 😀

Theresa, Frank braved the conditions also to log their 1st dives of the year. Good luck to Theresa in her drysuit.

Reminder to all, don’t forget logbooks, Congrats to Dr. Tom, John, Paul and Rose who Dived the Bridges of Ross yesterday, nice day’s diving by all accounts.

Nothing more will be said for the crew that secured diving with the Aughinish Diving Club, The Pinnacle got a visit,  Dave testing his new drysuit out with Bill at sea for time, Bill had his1st open water Dive with the Club, introduced to the regional Club Diving culture and Mike decided to test his full face mask at 38M with Kevan. Some busy and hectic weekend of diving.

All enjoyed the dives 🙂 All back safely, just that the DO has to write up the Dive log for the day.

Coxswain course next week, so diving plans to be announced closer to Saturday. Boat will be ready for next saturday morning early run to Kilkee.

Reminder Coxswain course next weekend followed by DFR course later in the week. 




One if by land, Two if by Sea, 3 for Portroe Quarry

One if by land, Two if by Sea, 3 for Portroe Quarry

I was never gonna be able to call this blog Paul Revere’s ride. The reference to the famous American Hero who in-famously warned John Hancock and Samuel Adams (of the big signature and noble pilsner) of British troop movements before the battles of Lexigton and Concord was apt though. If you stay with me I will tie this all together I promise.  You may or may not know the phrase One if by Land, Two if by Sea, taken from that same famous ride. Well back in 1775 they apparently had no phones for texting and they had to send messenger by horseback to put a lantern in the steeple – I cant imagine what the “mobile bill” was for a message like that.  Luckily for us, we can manage with a few calls/texts on a Saturday to figure out where our LSAC members are going to be diving on Sunday.

Well our Sons of Liberty were spread all over the country – from Portroe to Kilkee and beyond the Loop Head. For my part I will blog about my first club dive of the year, and I hope that Brian O’Leary can add something about Portroe and maybe John Breen can manage a few words about the Tea Party that went to Bridges of Ross.

Our plan was simple enough – meet at Kilkee slipway for 11am sharp, dressed and ready to go. But this was complicated by the clocks spriging forward at midnightish (another Ride reference). I can explain my dilemma with reference to my Facebook status Saturday night…

“I have to be somewhere in the morning at 11 sharp. Add in travel time, now i need to set my alarm for 8. Do i set if for 7, knowing that it will be 8, or will my phone know to change the time? I better get up an hour early and check my phone. So If i set my alarm for 6… wait, that would be 5am right? Im only going to the beach – its only 90 mins drive. Ill be like 4 hours early. Ah man im not gonna sleep tonite.”

In the end we were an hour early – which isn’t too bad – better early than late I always say.  We met up with the good guys/gals from Aughinish SAC to avail of a few free spots on their boat (our trailer is in for repair I hear). A huge Thank You to Kevan, Martin, Aude and Christoph (and the others) for making us feel very welcome.  They were heading out to the Pinnacle for a handy one – and they even had a dry cox! Kevan organized the dive pairs – but he must have made a mistake as he ended up with me – I’m not complaining though – always great to have an expert lead the way. Kevan had depth on his mind so I did my best to mind by air intake (thanks Peter – I think your breathing lecture paid off…) as I was on Full Face Mask. I tried to stay a little above my buddy so I could conserve air, but when we approached 38 I had to stick the arm down so I wouldnt be outdone by anyone in Portroe.

It was all over faster than I liked, but Im sure we did a full circle of the Pinnacle cause I think we past two rebreathers at least once or twice. Never ran into Dave Keane or Bill Sullivan – but Im told they had a decent dive to 22m for Bills first dive with the club, welcome and hope to dive with you again. Second dive was in Newfee for the Aughinish trainees and I offered to do dry cox as payback.  There were even a few snakes and shamrocks jellies on the boat, I hope Martin managed to get one.

Oh yeah – I bet all you dirty mided people thought there would be a big payoff at the end linking this all back to the famous Ride. Im a yank but im not stupid. Basck home in Washington DC when you drop off your spouse to the Metro there are signs to mark the designated spot for your car – Kiss N Ride. My visiting Irish cousins used to get a huge laugh our of that – and now I know why.

1st Dive – Drowning the Shamrock

From Drowning the Shamrock

St. Patrick’s day was an ideal time to drown the Shamrock and get in a bit of a snorkel & Dive. The troops were raliied to Portroe and myself and a few willing souls ventured into the water to assist/watch the drowing of the Shamrock.  Lovely day, water temps were ok and indeed Myself, Noel, Jason and David once again were testing our snorkelling in the clear waters of Portroe. Refer to some of the photos on thephoto section of the Website.

I then decided to kick off the 1st open water dives with Noel and David.  Well done to all for getting in the water and so Noel and David had their 1st taste of Portroe, hopefully, not too bad. Nice and slow to hover around the van and play with inflating the Tyre to see it rise adn redrop to the bottom somewhat later once again.

Roll on diving for next weekend. I believe the boat is as yet, unavailable, so interest in diving is split between Kilkee and Portroe.

Rest assured, I’ll see some Divers on Sunday. 🙂

Club Night’s Out

Had a great nite in South’s on Friday to congratulate Martin Kiely onhiselection to NDO role and Aude Richards to a role on the TC.

Don’t forgot, the Club are going to the dogs on 25TH March… Stand by for more info via Email and Text.

Brrrr, 2 mile gate Expedition

Some brave souls ventured into the murky waters of 2 mile gate yesterday, with their 1st introduction to Boat procedures and snorkelling.  Noel, Jason, Kieran & David, got their suits wet for the 1st time, Mike Kiely popped along to do his fitness test in open water, while Richie got some boat time under the supervision of John & Dave.  Nice day despite the breeze. Funnily enough, therre was a good pull in the water when we initially got in, but as we headed closer to shore, the guys had gotten uese to the gear, gotten over the initial shock of the cold drop of water down their backs. In no time, a  few attempts at snorkel diving were been made.

Well done to all and get these few snorkels done and speed up the move towards scuba.

So, any1 interest in Diving Portroe on Thursaday can let me know, meanwhile, Diving plans for next weekend will be communicated as normal by the end of this week. 

The Boat will be taken out of the water on Friday for it’s service.

BTW, John Hassettand Dave Ryan have overhauled and serviced the Club trailer. It proved to be a very difficult and time consuming task which probably will merit a another change of bearings, mid season. The club will have to expense some funds to make this task easier. Options are been considered at the moment.

So a special words of thanks on behalf of the Club membership to Joh, Dave & Richie who ensure that Club gets it’s diving activities off to a good start for 2011.




And so it begins – Open Water training


Lets start the ball rolling…. An introduction to Boat operations and Open water snorkelling on Sunday moning at 11am.  Limited option for Open water dives on St. Patrick’s Day in Portroe for trainee grades and on Saturday 19th March. Sunday Diving option subject to confirmation.

For Sunday’s snorkelling, please have good warm change of clothes, bring logbooks, lifejackets if possible please. If you have a warm flask, bring it along also.

Club text will go out shortly.


Also, Please note Anybody need anything from Francis Jenkins? Someone from Club is meeting him on saturday, so last chance to pick up any items.

CFT AGM 2011


Just a quick note to summarize the events of the AGM.


Main point no change to Insurance fee’s.

The controls on expenditure have managed to “stem the tide of losses” and those controls will remain in place until the next AGM. 


New Course roll out and Presentations

The Club Diver instructor course details were communicated and will be implemented in a Pilot course very soon.

The course is aimed at Club Diver grades with an interest to assist with In club training, to lecture and assist with practical Pool and initial Open water diving activity. Suitable Candidates recommended by Diving Officers will be eligible to attend these course will kick off quite soon, so stand by for the entry requirement detail very soon.  This is a great development and will ease the burden on in Club Instructor grades.


Nitrox course changes

A course will now be available to allow trainee diver grades to obtain and receive certification in Nitrox diving. It is then possible to easily upgrade and move to pursue the Advanced Nitro and Extended range courses.


Coxswain Course

At long last the coxswain course has been revamped/updated and is currently been rolled out in any future courses. There are  some additional lectures and certainly the focus on the practical initial training has been emphasized in this new course.

Specific detail and trainee logs have been updated to reflect a higher standard of candidates, that hopefully the new course material will improve Coxswain skills.

Please note, that affiliation with other Boat handling organization/standards remains an issue as the stumbling block is the requirement of membership to that organizations is the problem. So for now, Coxswain will be unique certification within CFT.


Trade Show

 The trade show was appropriate, but  notably smaller than previous years, the focus is on Suit, Reg & BCD sales.  Lots of choice for Red sea holiday deals, all you need is the money and time to select your option.



 I sat in on the presentations by Jack Ingle, Equipment configuration, some very interesting comments on streamling dive equipment aimed predominately at the Techie diving community.

Some good tips…   Website for reference is


Timmy Carey and Eoin Mc Garry – Asgard II Expedition

Timmy and Eoin recanted the events of planning and diving the AsgardII which sank in the Bay of Biscay. The Dive was shrouded in controversy, however, the details, the video stills and footage of the wreck were a great display and the trip was indeed something the Irish Diving community should be proud of.

Well Done, great accomplishments to Timmy, Eoin and the rest of the team in bringing back the BELL, compass and Boat steering wheel from the Asgard II.


AGM & Elections

The CFT AGM elected its new executive and members of the Technical commission on Sunday.

The various officers submitted their reports for November 2009 to March 2011.

However, the AGM was marred will a lot of controversy of the Search & Recovery Medal Award ceremony and the level of communication around the award recommendation procedures. Regrettably, as with such inaugural events, there were some persons missed and recommendations were not balanced, finally, the discussions re the issue were terminated and the matter will be resolved in due course.



I was delighted to learn that Martin Kiely was elected to the role as National Diving Officer, and Aude Richard also elected to the Technical commission.  A great honour and privilege for the Aughinish Diving Club.


Well Done to Martin & Aude.


 Please refer to the CFT website for specific details re the course changes and details of the new Executive members and rest of the TC members details over the coming days.