Boom Boom Baby !! Congratulations to all the mums!!

What was in the water before Xmas??  What a baby boom, some clandastine arrivals of Babies recently, one could even say that there has been a flood of babies to boost the membership figures of limerick Sub Aqua.

Wow, firstly I was suprised to see Matt in Portroe as I arrived up there in the afternoon to dive with Alma on her second open water dive, after realizing that Matt was indeed alive after all these months, he discretely mentions that he recently had a new addition to the family, Baby girl Aishling.  That will keep you quiet for a while 😀

Then, Mike and Shirley new arrival popped on the scene over the last 24hours, another boys to fight with the dogs. Alas, I fear, another trip is pending for poor ole Mike, until a little girl pops on the scene, me thinks 🙂

Ciaran Enright also has a new addition…. No, stop, don’t fret.. Yvonne did not have a baby!!…. Ciaran rescued another Cairn terrier from the pound and so the family too are expanding, hopefully Meg will like her new buddy…

Christine Ryan also had a little baby boy…. Doggie, A bichon frise pup called “Buddy”, a loveable rogue, who loves biting toes, Ouch!!!

To cap it off, then I get reminded about Thomas Hanrahan… and so baby Ronan has indeed completed the suprises for the day… or at least I hope that is the case….  Be aware now folks… Emma is running for the hills!!!


Happy days all round, hope you are enjoying the Sun out there in tenerif Johnny Boy… Lucky So and so!!!

Club Diving Activity updates

Firstly, I must apologize, as I have not had the opportunity to contribute to the Blogs as actively as I would like. Busy times all round.

A chance to meet up for a chat with other members and non members is there, for all those interested now. Club members get together in the Locke bar every Tuesday night from about 8pm onwards. You are guaranteed to get a crowd @ about 9pm. As the music is starting about this time, you may see us in the side section to the right side of the main bar. If any1 wants to get logbooks signed off, go over notes or answer any questions, or chat about the last dives, well that is a good opportunity to bring it up…  🙂


Weather for sea diving has been poor for May and the coming weekend is no different. Portroe is it for the moment, which is great for all our starting trainee diving grades, at least they are able to log in the dives now. In fact, I have to congratulate some of the new members as Noel, Kieran, William, David and Eamonn will soon be getting their 1st formal CFT dive qualification.  Well done so far!!! Thanks to all the members who have dived Portroe in helping the new members with loggin up their initial open water dives.

Noel has been the more prolific new diver, taking advanatage of all opportunities to dive.

Well done to William, Noel and Eimhear on the DFR participation and Emma, Eimhear and William for the Coxswain course.

The Rescue course test is pending, but, as the Club’s 2 candidates are pre occupied with building upon the club membership figures, I think they will have to postphone their test 🙂 

Club went to Dingle for Easter and Kilkee for th May Bank Holiday. I must say, that despite some minor glitches, the Diving on saturday and Sunday was great and very enjoyable. Regretably a small group turned out to dive Brandon Creek on Saturday & it was the easier option to shore dive it. Emma spotted and Octupus and thankfully, both dives there were very good, despite a good pull. The dives were moved to Parkmore, Ventry on Sunday, and I must say I was amazed with the visibility on both dives. Martin finally joined us for boat diving on Sunday with his holy Semi dry suit. Brave man stuck it for 25 mins on a throughly enjoyable dive. Suzy dropped us in a large shoal of Coley. Alot of life about, but, the Vis made it fantastic.

It’s a pity that more could not make it for the weekend and Martin’s engagment with the bunch of American girls in John Benny’s pub on Saturday night was a howl. The craic was mighty, not forgetting the huge slice of apple cake with icecream!!. I don’t know what the kerry men thought of the blow in from Tipperary!!  So sad to see the girls head of back to Kilarney, aaahhh, poor Martin. 😀

May Bank Holiday diving was out of Kilkee. Conditions for diving were not as smooth as I had hoped, as a good south westerly swell along with the Spring tides were playing havoc. The strong easterlies did not help enough, but we did manage to dive on Bearity and between Georges and Middle Rock for the second dive. We had a good turn out for both dive outings.

Portroe has been the dive location of choice since then, thankfully, the members who need to train and work up dives can at least log up dives.

There was a great turn out there last Saturday and especially mobbed with Divers on Sunday. Even John Breen ventured up there to log a dive.

However, we must continue to support Portroe again this weekend as the westerlies are making it impossible to have good sea diving.

Tomorrow, see’s me assisting with a M2 jurors course in Portroe, but, looking forward to it and getting a dive in Portroe also.

Alas, the Regional Dive weekend, while a great success, did not encourage Divers from Limsac to travel. I think weather and the noticeable and understandable tightening of the belts is more obvious this year. The recession and fuel costs are certain factors to contend with, these days.

Thankfully, the winds are dropping and weather appears to be improving early next week, so hopefully, Portmagee will be a great week of diving… Finger crossed. 


 Don’t forget to look at the latest photo’s on the site and feel free to pop along to the Locke bar on the Tuesday nights to chat with members of the club to hear the latest gossip 🙂


Happy and safe diving!!





New Freedivers Training in Portroe

Well done to Limerick SAC members Mike; Graeme and Martin for joining me for Freediver Training in Portroe at weekend. Sunday was crazy busy in the quarry and its great to see the the facility been utilized. We began with Safety around the lines and observation during the dive. Then it was getting correctly weighted and the all important Equalisation and Relaxation and also Recovery Breathing. Mike quite righly compared the whole process to “Golf” as it involves mental and physical preparation if its to be done to its best. Everyone performed well and Mike gave us a demonstration of a labrador exiting the water. I hope we did not scare any scuba divers while the lads were showing off there new techniques. I will put up some video clips of the event here.