South or South West – Green diving, Car keys & Weight loss, the never ending story

Well now I am back at work, recovering from a busy Day’s diving out of Oysterhaven(The deep South), diving the recently found UC42 and then on to the Santo Wreck in the mid afernoon. A long but, very enjoyable day while the Club went to home ground(South West) and dived Kilkee.

The links on the earlier blog say it all. Great to see them, and then see the reality of the bones to reinforce the message, it is a grave. The visibility was good until “Ciaran of Inbher Sceine was ploughing down the Starboard side towards thankfully the end of our dive which prompted me to crossover the bow and head for the mine housings for another look back up towards the conning tower. Respect to the guys who found it and laid the plaque. Great tribute to the memory who lost their lives on this Iron Coffin.

Credit and many thanks due to Nigel who orchrested the outing and invited myself & Emma along aswell as Brian Kearney & Suzy who made the outing a home away from home.

Basically, the dives are both about 30meters and ideal for Nitrox divers to use a bottle without going into Deco. Those on air did suffer the need to cut bottom time and do an approximate 10 min Decompression if the stayed over 25mins. Only drawback was the transit times to the wrecks, between 30 and 40 mins for both sites, so more ideal to either use OceanAddicts or try an find a launch site to the east side of Cork Harbour for a Club dive boat run.

The Santo wreck, is interesting in terms of the extent to which the site is desimated. Very little is left and all that remains are the dredging buckets, boiler, some huge gearing, the prop and gear shaft. A wide debris field with a lot of Conger and wrasses using the wreckage as a home. Certainly, the wreck is worth a vistit. 🙂


Kilkee did not endeer itself to some as the choppy conditions of the morning, encouraged a few green faces, best cure is to get in the water and snorkel, alas Poor Kieran suffered on. Thanks to Teresa and Eimhear who brought lunch for the guys, great bonding session and naturally the ribbing for those who “popped their heads above the parapet” …..  Car keys & Locked doors – Did the special one get another treat in the Chinese in Kilkee?? …. Again a song comes to mind.. Once, twice, three times a lady…. 😀

Eamonn will testify on behalf of the anybody that does any towing for the Club in the future, even if a crime is committed… “Major respect to the “Tower possee” 🙂 Fair play to Ken, offering words of support and encouragement ” Your’re doin a great job. Eimhear got that also, HanCock 2 ” the Kilkee trilogy comes to mind 🙂

As for Martin & Mike, well, the Wilds of Kilkee yielded some edible trophies for the free Divers on Saturday.

Limsac Divers presented some challenges and unfortunately some weight loss, but, a search and recovery event was conducted, Coast guard, kilkee Lough derg and Aughinish dive clubs were involved and through a long and intensive search and recovery with a post dive review in the Skinny or scots, the weight belt that attempted to escape was captured and held in evidendce by our RDO.  The Club D.O. had to submit an “near miss” incident report on the matter. However, in saying that, all is well with every Limerick Sub aqua member, and we can now all breath a sigh of relief and joy now, that a successfully recovery has been conducted!

So very soon, Tuesday, in fact – in the Locke, I will be conducting teambuilding exercises with Limsac members, tackling the most pressing issues of the day.

Avoiding weight loss, Filling a bottle – Navigate around middle rock – Towing, the mystery tour, Reg freeflow – Avoid  tank contents loss, singing the “green, green, grass of home when seasick – Lost – Car keys – Send for super wife…   While there, I will be signing copies of my new book – Diving – A Dummies guide to —- 🙂

Great turn out in the Locke last night, great craic 🙂 Ken’s words of encouragement ” Your doin a great job” made it a night to remember 😀

Where is me BCD?? Anyone gotta a spare :-)

From Portroe Jun 24, 2011

After hearing the tales of Last nights trip to Portroe, I kept thinking of that line from a song, ” where’s me jumpa(Jumper), where’s me jumpa… Dancing at the Disco, bumper to bumper” .. Etc.

Poor Eamonn.. After devising a plan to get diving arranged for Portroe on Thursday, alas, it all backfired, his BCD mysteriously did not make it to his jeep and the cries went out… Anyone got a spare BCD! Alas Poor Eamonn, no dive after all!!

Talk about the last minute hick up’s.. Teresa’s Reg decided it was sick of Portroe but, that minor free flow was copped before departure to Portroe, so fortunately my spare reg made it to Portroe via Mike to sort her out for a dive.

As for Martin, well, Stuck dump valves on the his  BCD caused havoc and the hunt for Bill and Mike turned out to be an incredible story of hit & miss or was that hide & seek ….hee hee… Me thinks a slagging is coming Martins way hee hee… Leading Diver grades are up for anything 😀

Meanwhile Dave and Miriam really had a cracking dive relishing in the light that was penetrating the water and the trip along the far wall of Portroe – 42 mins of a dive, told Ya, Miriam, really getting into this diving lark afterall.  Thanks Dave for leading the way.

Well, as for David and Kieron, yet another opportunity to practice – Lessons learned I hope on every dive?? , all we need now is to see them log some sea dives and get the benefit of some of the beauty of Irish Sealife and vegetation here on the West Coast of Ireland 🙂

Meanwhile Kilkee is the Dive location for Sunday, while myself and my buddy Emm -check out diving on the UC42 Sumarine and the Santos wreeck in advance of an Organized Club outing very soon. Planning long Nitrox dives on them to get a look look around them.







Looking forward to a great weekend of safe and enjoyable diving for all 🙂


The rebellious Octupus – Regulator :-)

As conditions in Kilkee were reported as been bad, Diving was arranged for Portroe. The likelyhood of poor visibility prompted DOD’s to halt diving in Kilkee. While a few used Portroe on Saturday for some training and compass work, Sunday unleashed the Trainee Divers to practice some more in Portroe. Eimhear however, in preparing for her Club Diver test fitted her Octupus only to find it got snagged on the way to the dive and appeared to be resisting the opportunity to go diving. Needless to say Eimhear won out in the end with those fists and the obey me tones 🙂 “Resistance is Futile”

Meanwhile, Miriam was going boldly where “No Newcastle west woman has gone before”… Dave kindly opted to lead her for her 1st dive of the year in Portroe, Success all round as she quickly remembered her training after the initial few minutes of getting settled. I keep telling ya, you’ll be a good diver, so come diving more regularly now that you have restarted!!  Kilkee next week…

As for Eamonn he is getting his dives in and the dives logged by the Club thus far are beginning to surpass last years totals for the same period.

So, future dives upcoming are the Cork “New Sub” dive.. Moving the Boat to Doolin/Quilty for July Time frame. Hopefully, weather for the Kilkee diving next weekend will be better.

Now have to start Prepwork for Eimhear and Noel and maybe 1 or 2 more divers for their Club Diver grading 🙂 

Club Dive Stats.



 Happy Diving Days all round 🙂 



Portmagee 2011

Wow, it was with great sadness that I left Portmagee today, pulling out of Portmagee after an intensive week of Diving and suppin my last pint of the “Black Nectar” (Guinness) in the Bridge bar last night.  A week of mixed weather, that cut back diving on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, but, never mind, the club membership logged 81 dives over the course of the week.

Sites like Long Island, Cus Diarmuida, South & North Puffin were all visited during the course of the Week. Despite that, I still did not get opportunity to visit Basalt Cliffis and north side of Valentia. 🙁


A great turn out over the weekend and a nice daily boat boat load through the week.


The Club BBQ on Sunday organised by Teresa and Suzy was a great affair. The food feast was excellent and it was great to see the membership all together after an eventful days diving out of Glen Pier. Well done to Teresa, Suzy and all who assisted with the BBQ 🙂

 Indeed diving on Sunday yielded a surprising addition to the boat numbers as we returuned from my drift dive on Puffin south on the second Boat trip. Doc Tom and Richie picked up 2 divers that were missed by OceanDivers. Tom dropped us in about 1.15pm and when we surfaced I could see there were 2 new divers in the boat. The drift on puffin was amazing, so much so, that Tom had to scoot out for Dave & Noel were pushed off puffin by it. It appears that our visitors were left behind in the maze of divers on South Puffin, so I’d say the 2 guys from Dublin were extremely lucky that Limerick Sub Aqua were diving in the same area as, Tom informed Valentia Coast Guard that Limsac had picked up 2 divers. The Irish version of Open Water came to mind. Anyway all’s well now, we returned to Glen pier where fortunately, the guys were able to alert OceanDivers and arrange pick up back to Knight’s town.  Monday seen the Guys back in Glen Pier using, this time,  with the services of Willie Kennedy to Dive around puffin.

Oisin from GSAC was in fine form over the weekend. Those local ladies really enjoyed his dancing in the bridge. The Bridge was alight with the two Clubs having the craic. Francis was testing out his leading Diver skills with the Limsac on Saturday and had to deal with a case of Salt Water aspiration and a bad ankle sprain, the acting was only brill from Emma and Dave…hope it helps his prep work for it. 🙂 Good luck to him. 

Monday seen the arrival of Martin Bowes, who added a laugh or two and an un ending chatter to the wilds of Portmagee. We were enlighten by a trip to Cahirciveen to get fuel on Tuesday and got lost talking to Mick Walsh re the enlightenment and Philophosy of Buddahism. Wow, what an afternoon 🙂

Saturday allowed us to escape with Gearoid to the Northside of Puffin. We were dropped at the entrance of a gully that ran back into Puffin. It was amazing, in that it had so many swim throughs and it was very sheltered at the end of the dive. Lovely and certainly a dive to repeat upon our return back to Portmagee.


 Overall, I’d say the Week was yet again a great success, lots of dives Logged, safe & enjoyable. Fun was had by all and I am already can’t wait to get back next year. Diving, that you just cannot beat.