Discovery of “Kilimanjaro in Portroe”

Ok, you all know, I am pulling your leg, so let me explain my blog.



I have dived Portroe a lot. So while I often vary the routes I travel out and back on, I was up to a bit of mischief with our dive group of Eamonn, Marcin and Noel as well as myself of course.

So, I dropped down to in an around the Shaft area, and travelled out towards the gully for the Winch area, but, hey, instead, of that, I turned back down, off to the left and went to the area where the old huts used to be.


Before the comment start….

I know Profile is not exactly ideal, but I was also testing buoyancy control of our 2 trainees. So overlook that one !!


So really.. in my usual round about way, I was messing at the start of the dive, by coming to the base of the cliff wall/ridge that sat at about 18meters and climbed up the wall to the 7 meter peak. Hence, Noel’s photos of us at the peak, chilling out after the “arduous Climb”


I know the guys thought I was off my trolly, Climb up the wall. Honest, I’m not mad!!


Was I narked?

Was I temporarily insane?

Well, as I still want to dive, please overlook this moment of madness and don’t tell anyone from the CFT medical council.  5B does not need the pleasure of my company, just yet!!



Refer to Photo page for better pics of Profile


I enjoyed the dive, bit of messing, visibility was very good and it was a dive on a miserable day at sea, and at least Noel gets to test him camera skills some more.