Night Dive Blog

Ah Brian, you got there before me!

I was delighted to get a text about a night dive in Portroe, I was only asking Peter about one on Sunday. I need to brush up on my night dive skills, with only a few under the belt, the only previous time was at the scubathon in Kilkee  at ridiculous o clock (3am, I think). We were so eager to dive, that we were banging on the gate to get in, then some dodgy guy in a white Passat pulled in, I thought the cops will not be far behind! It turned out to be Noel though.

A little wait for the DO, it’s like a game of where’s wally, a bit of good natured bantering, a brief briefing and  myself and my buddy for the evening Eamon discussed night dive etiquette, basically don’t shine the light in my eyes and you’ll be fine.

In we got, heading for the winch, but we got distracted by a rather large bright green eel, we followed it until we spotted another one coming out of a small hole, after a few minutes of this, we headed on towards the winch, then heading towards the boat, we spotted a light coming around a point of rock, I thought “It’s wally, I found him” It later turned out to be Martin. We continued along the left wall of the pit towards the boat, up and over the edge and got a bit turned around, I really should buy a compass, or just listen to Eamon!!

Pottering around for a while, we (ahem) got low on air and decided to head up to the deco stop, we ended up on the far wall at the back of the boat, watching the trout and eels slowly go by, the boulders seem to be more colourful in the dark as well, maybe it’s just the torch I have, ha ha.

At this stage, I should say that my suit had been leaking a bit from the start of the dive and I was now wet down to my waist and starting to get cold, so heading back to the ramp in an anticlockwise direction, found the ramp and we had to do another deco stop, wet to my knees now, I’d normally wait around and bring my dive up to the nearest five minutes, no way, slightly shivering after 43 minutes, we got out, socks are wet now.

I really enjoyed the dive with Eamon, I was surprised with the amount of life in the quarry, I dive there a bit and have seen the odd eel and trout, nothing like Thursday. Thanked Peter. Had a bit of a slag with the lads, got into warm dry clothes, turned the heat up to the last and headed home. Cold for about an hour or two after, but worth it, great dive, no issues at all, can’t wait till next time.