Musings of an Elder Lemon

Yea, another one! My diving wish-boxes are so…… being ticked and fulfilled!

Wednesday evening was one, perhaps even better than most of the others. Funny thing this, every time I come in from even a half decent dive nowadays, I am so filled with exhilaration, joy and dare I say it, achievement, it’s such a wonderful feeling!

An evening dive in my favourite location, Blue Pool or as my old buddies and I, (oh, to have had Mick Moriarty or Johnnie Ryan et al. aboard), knew it, Cameron Creek. This time, with new buddies, John, Mike, Noel, Dave and his two great boys Richie and Jack, now what could be better? Balmy summer’s evening, sea flat as a pancake and for me, plenty of room to haul, with help, the old bones into my shrunken (sez he) wet suit, fins and tons of other diving gear.

Mike promised to lead us through this “Swim Through” I had been hearing about. Hey, what’s a swim through? We never had those in my day, we’d have called it a cave even though, I know, it isn’t one at all. Heck, you submerge through a hole and travel along through what I suppose is really just an eerie submerged passage between two walls, feels like a cave anyway. I loved it, it was great, comfortably led, as ever, by Mike and, as I was surrounded by photographers, the pace of the dive was nice and leisurely. Loads of life, glorious visibility, lazy ascent stop and easy “haul and flop” back into the boat, thanks for the help lads.

But that was not all. How much fun Noel and Richie had climbing up on the surrounding rocks while Dave and Jack, the other half of our back- to –back, went for their dive. This old guy looked dreamily around, thinking of times past, memories of old buddies gone to their eternal reward. Others, including myself, well on their way to the same place but all had shared in the delights of this idyllic location way back in those early days of our diving adventures. What would so many of them give or have given to be in my bootees at this time.

Time for a spot of mackerel fishing on the way home and landfall at Kilkee slipway, boat lights on, in the moonlight. Packed up and John even took my bottle away to fill for me. Time for a sausage and chip from Naughtons before heading back to Nora in our mobile home in Doonaha. Never was a man so contented and fulfilled.