The 2017 Season is Off and Running

Winter is going. The boat is in place. Now we just need some fair wind and calm seas and a few eager divers to make this another great season.  I wanted to share a few updates for members that might have missed the news as it rolled past in the LSAC members WhatsApp group.


Dive Planning – This year we are hoping to share out the Dive Officer Of The Day (DOD) responsibilities to give as many
people as possible the chance to practice their Leading Diver skills.  DODs are nominated weekly from Tuesday through Monday.  We normaly run a dive Wednesdays after work and Sundays around 10am. You have responsibility to help arrange diving, facilitate planning, and communicate info. Tasks can include: check tides, weather, suitable dive site, fuel, O2 Kit, find coxswain, collect fees, find a replacement DOD if you arent available, etc. This week is Richie and Richard Roche for DOD. Link to Dive Plan here:

Coxswain Rota – To ease diving this year, we are asking for qualified coxswains to volunteer to dry-cox on a regular basis.  For the new members, this means the dry-coxswain will not dive and only drive the boat.  This saves a lot of time and makes diving more enjoyable. If we don’t have a dry-cox then we are diving back-to-back, which means shorter dives and more time spent on the boat waiting for everyone. Dr. Tom, Frank, Dave Ryan and myself have already taken a turn so this season is off to a great start.

Mid Week Diving – As the stretch in the evening takes hold, the possibility of diving after work offers more opportunity to get wet. Wednesdays are normally the chosen LSAC day, so expect an invite and keep your bottles charged up.  Everyone is welcome for mid-week, we can always find a safe spot for all, but if you have been out of practice a while – try and make Sunday diving your first time back in the water. 

Dive Rallys –  The first rally of the season is upon us. South West Dive Rally, Cahirciveen – For over 10 years Kerry Sub Aqua Club have hosted diving in May, and this year its shaping up to be a huge weekend come May 19, 20 and 21. There is already a small group forming with a house booked.  There is also plenty of camping options possible down at the marina.  If we can get someone to tow the boat, we might even bring it down this year. Watch for the Teamer invite shortly.

South West Dive Rally 19th – 21st May
Northern Dive Rally 16th – 18th June
South East Dive Rally 14th – 16th July
West Dive Rally 29th – 30th July
Midlands Snorkel Rally 19th August

June Bank Holiday Planning – So far we have not decided where to go with the Club for June.  Port Magee used to be the Clubs main choice, with some divers staying the weekend and others a week or even two.  This year we are open to any suggestions for a holiday.  Simply put we need someone to step up to offer to tow the boat – towers choice of destination! If you are interested in offering to bring down the boat (or to bring it back) then start a conversation in WhatsApp ASAP.

Dive Show update.  The combined LSAC and Aughinish team have been making a lot of progress on the 2018 Dive Show plans. The traders stands have been mapped and priced, and the first invites have gone out. We even have a few deposits in already for the keenest traders.  We are expecting to have room for more stands than last year, so get your thinking caps on if you meet anyone new that might be interested in trading at the show, just let the Club Committee know and we will contact them.

– Mike Orth 2017 D.O.