CFT AGM Nov. 2008

Points of discussion


·         Hyperbaric Chamber Access

·         Insurance cover

·         Medical requirements & Fitness to dive

·         Website

·         Course & test development

·         Instructor development

·         The resignation of the Ex NDO.


The availability of a “local” accessible recompression chamber was on everybody mind and while the issue was diffused, there is an open action by CFT committee to resolve its differences with The National Hyperbaric Treatment Centre. Certain chambers are not affiliated with a hospital, not all illness which is delivered to the chamber need hyperbaric treatment, the patient would need to be transferred from the chamber to a hospital or other medical facility.   Discussions are still ongoing. Hopes are high that these issues would be resolved one way or another within the next three months.



A new Insurance policy is in place for CFT members, there are some significant improvements and coverage and support when diving abroad, detached trailer cover, SAR members insured under the policy. A hotline number will be available in handling an incident if something should occur abroad.  A summary of the policy will be circulated to Club secretaries ASAP.

This insurance policy will pay out to any medical facility & will also cover after care.

Talks are still ongoing with DAN insurance.


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