CFT Re affilition

Should the Club renew its affiliation with CFT? Re-Compression Chamber availability is yet in question once again

, refer to Dan Insurance:-

DAN Europe would like to inform you that we are fully aware of recent communications and internet postings regarding the provision of hyperbaric chamber facilities available in Ireland to divers.  We therefore feel that it is appropriate and necessary to release a statement directly to our members in order to dispel any confusion and uneasiness that this may have caused.

We would like to assure you that as a member of DAN Europe, in all cases of a diving emergency requiring recompression,  that treatment will be arranged at an appropriate medical facility for the condition presenting.
Also, that if required, evacuation to a  recompression facility in the UK would be provided without question.

We hope that this clarifies DAN Europe’s position on this matter and that you are assured that the best possible treatment is available to you should you require it.

Safe diving for 2009.

Yours sincerely

DAN Europe