Bermuda Triangle or Kilkee Rectangle who knows

Doctors and Bishops Kilkee

The weather didn’t know what to do and the divers seamed to follow the same pattern, Force 4 was promised but it never came to pass.

The slip was jammed with divers but like a reunion, no one was in any hurry and everyone was chatting and catching up.

The boats were all lined up like planes ready for take off but Air traffic control were on a tea break,

it was all very relaxing with a hint of disorganization thrown in for good measure.

The coxwain arrived in a suit 3 sizes too small to a mixture of applause and laughter.

Then someone said lets “Dive the dive and plan the plan” which made no sence to anyone except our DO so we just headed out in search of a dive site, we turned left at Middle rock and headed for Kerry but as Bishops loomed we got quite nervous and decided to go no further. Into the water went everyone all without a hitch.


Then for some reason some divers began to lose things while others began to find things.


Emma and Brian Kearny headed off in search of treasures then surfaced with a snorkels and a divers flag.

But their loot was soon snatched from their grasp before the rules of salvage could be recited.

Whatever happened to finders keepers is all I can say.

Then our DO lost his SMB not once but twice….. yes twice,

I think it was trying to escape and why wouldn’t it ! It’s never been deployed properly !

It’s not so much the skill of the operator rather than the failure of the contraption he calls a reel.


One Club arrived on site with barely a boat,

Thay forgot to bring a coxswains and tried to steal one of ours, then demanded we hand over some fins and a regulator.

A price was agreed and the deal was done – 25% off any main course in Myles Creek for the month of May – how cool is that !


Dave Ryan somehow ended up diving with a kids mask, he couldn’t see a blessed thing and experience something new – all sound but no picture.


Brian introduced Sean O’Dowd to some type of cucumber but it’s unclear where this took place, the investigation is ongoing.


All this was in complete contrast to how John Hassett and Mike Orth conducted themselves.

They both passed there Club Diver test with flying colours and restored the balance.

Well done Lads