Desperate divers take action!

Mike Orth and I decided a few weeks ago to take matters into our own hands regarding our diving progress, as the weather Gods are not being compliant to say the least…This decision found us both slipping out of work early, and heading to Kilkee last evening with a bootful of diving gear and grim determination. This determination was dented somewhat when we got to Doctors rock and Mike was heard to use such expressions as “boiling”..”washing machine out there”…and finishing off with “No Fxxxxxg way am I going out there!”..However not to be outdone, we soon located Newfee, and once we got over the urge to use the diveboards, we proceeded to kit up. Visability was fantastic, max depth of 9.2m meant a lovely extended chilled out dive, spotted a few lobsters, plaice, bleenys, top marks to Mike for the excellent navigation skills getting us back to the ladder 1st time, (even if I did assist!) and Brian for acting as our shore marshal.