Seasearch course :- Now, I know why I love diving !

Took a side step out of my usual routine to attend the seasearch course over weekend. So the weekend was directed by Tadhg O’ Brien Burren SAC and John Breen from Limsac 🙂  I have learned a lot from john over the years of diving, but, still, this allowed me to focus my diving particularly on what I can actually see and identify in the course of the diving activity. 

Funnily enough, I was allowed to change my dive profile, normally I am focused on the diving of my trainee Dive buddy, and while I survey the terrority off the dive area, I often don’t really get a chance to actually really look at the dive life and vegetation around me. So, with Emma as my buddy, we wandered off into the depths of Bones Bay(Ennis/Burren site as opposed to the Limerick Bones bay site). That’s another story!!

So, now I was able to really investigate the dive area. What can I say, I must miss a heck of alot on my other routine dives. I seen baby congers, I inspected Dead man’s finger, Elephant Ear Sponges, seen a Sea cumcumber take a “dump” , A female cuckoo Wrasse was pre occupied with her reflection in my Dive mask. I really noticed Devonshire cup Corals, bib, understand difference between Coley and Pollock and really seen a few Nudibrach’s for the 1st time, spotted flounder, and seen a wide variety of Crawfish, lobster and Crab. I was so relaxed and stayed mostly in the same area such that my breating rate dropped under 10LPM for the 1st time this year, so used less 110bar for a 45min dive. 

The sea eninemies were amazing in the realm of the 2nd dive Chinaman’s hole dive. However, Emma reminded me that I while I was making the effort to show Miriam the sea Cucumbers, Eninimies, and the lobster on the Chinman’s hole dive, I failed to spot the Congers above myself and Miriam looking down at us trying to tease it out so we could get a better view of it. All I need now is to bring my dive slate and maybe someone can get me a camera with a nice housing to get some photo’s. Anyone, want to oblige the D.O. with one???  🙂


A busy, long, but throughly enjoyable dives as well as rest of Club coming out to dive Sally’s Alley and the Limerick Bones bay. Great to get back to dive Doolin, It never ceases to amaze me with the variety of life. I manage to pick up dinner for last night also, a fine big pollock fished off the boat while I was cox’n for the internal club dives. Oven baked in tinfoil, with garlic and herbs…. delicious 😀

Thanks to Matt and Mike who did Dry Cox. Really helped speed up getting through the 4 dive trips. Well done to Eimhear and Miriam who are progressing nicely in their dive training.  Also, good training for the Club divers. Can’t wait to get back to Doolin for diving.


So Dive Aran on the lead up to Bank Holiday weekend… Any takers??  🙂