The Fog: Doolin Bones Bay re visited

Sea conditions allowed for diving and while burren got the head start out of the block, donal volunteered to cox the boat while a few of us took advantage of the few dive numbers and headed for Limerick Bones Bay for a dive. Visibility had decreased from last week, condition were “boiling”, but we managed to have some great diving. I was amazed by the sheer volume of pouting in the area, seen a number of baby congers and 2 pair of Crawfish. Tompots were a dime a dozen.  

Unfortunately, I have to commiserate with Paul, Martin and Miriam who packed up after the 1st dive, While the 2nd dive was on Sallys, slighly deeper, it was a great dive. Again, the pouting was all over the over hangs, in fact, I had fun squeezing my way under some of the overhangs so I could get a better view of what was hifing away in the recesses of them. One or 2 of the local Spider crab residents were none too happy with my invasion of their terrority and jumped me from behind 🙂

The highlight of the dive was the immense shoal of Coley which passed our way. I would estimate a shoal of at least 200 to 400 at least. Myself, Brian & Emma were trying to avoid keep our torches off so as not to frighten tham and pause our exhalations also. Amazing, thanks to Suzy who was patient enough to await our return after 40minutes.

Anyway, Doolin does not disappoint, weather is looking a bit dodgy with westerly f3-f4 throughout the week, so fingers crossed, we can dive Aran next week.