Club Diver Success

Welcome aboard Dave Keane who passed his Club Diver test yesterday in Kilkee. Conditions were less than favourable, but well done to Dave for getting through the elements of the test. 

Meanwhile, I available of the sunny conditions to at least dive in Portroe. I managed to find some Buddies, Renne and Tim who originally hail from South Africa. Great guys and great to dive with a bunch of guys outside of the normal Club routine. Nice relaxed dive, a nice leisurely potter around the far wall of the quarry. I need to add a few words of Afrikaan to my vocab now, esspecially to cover a buddy check 🙂

Meanwhile, I tagged along with the Polish Divers on the 2nd dive. Great dive, guys were really concentrating on improving dive skills. Really good stuff, reminded me of the things I often take for granted as an instructor.