Just as the title says guys, FINALLY! 

Its taken a while alright, and in poor conditions (to say the least), and a couple of delays “Ah, Dave, the RDO forgot to organize an M1” was a regular one.


I thought i was going to be put off again when the keys to the second boat were forgotten. So shoe horned onto the Burren boat, we ventured out in trepidation, against a swell of 2M and a 13Knot wind, i awaited the (sigh) all but inevitable seasickness, we carried out the test to satisfaction of all the M and M’s present (1,2 or 3 variety).

Bit of a delay then, with some divers who were “misplaced” for a time, but thankfully, all were found safe and sound, minus a few weight belts though. Many thanks to Kilkee search and rescue, real pro’s.

With shore tests completed and stars added, we drifted away (no pun intended), knowing that we would have to jump out of a perfectly seaworthy boat again and again, this time with a trainee!

Big change, but with the guidance of SENIOR divers like Roger and Mike, and our very own Seawolf, i know we will be in good hands

Thanks to all who put in their valuable time and energy in training (putting up with) me.

Here’s to many more dives with a good group.


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