At long last!!!

Despite all, James Gaffney was been tested for his Club Diver in Kilkee. Yet again, another success for the Club, so well done James, despite some initial setbacks and postphonements, James came through in flying colors 🙂 Congratulations!!  🙂

While some of the members decided to trip up to Portroe for some diving, Theresa seconded Seawolf to introduce her to Drysuit diving and a few others wanted to quench their thirst for a dive.

According to theresa, it was to slag her off, showing up in her new dry suit waaaahhhh  ooooohhhhhh. After a bit of ” fiddling”, “pressing”, the inflate for the drysuit was found, It took time though!! Chest inflators on some drysuit, who would have guessed!!!  🙂 

Tut, tut as the audience built up around theresa at the drop in point at Portroe…

Theresa, afterall, it was only jealously!!! “Semidry’s in Portroe, this time of the year is only for real divers”, came the comments!!!  Never mind, Theresa…All enjoyed the Dive aswell as Mike Hastings who tagged along. Even if the pace was accelerated at the end to warm them up!!!

Matt and myself were only “brave or Stupid” souls to get back in for a second dive, and for almost the hour also, afterall it took time to off gas the 11minute decompression penalty picked trying to see if they were any deeper spots than 38meters in Portroe.  🙂

Dave Keane was Diving his 1st dive as Club Diver also, I hope the slagging was not too bad Dave. Also we’ll try to get you more diving with Limsac instead of the Aughinish boat in future  … Hee heee