Balls of a Brass Monkey

Kilkee with Trainees Apr 12

Finally, Sea diving for the Club with the Boat began yesterday.

The boat was cleaned up and prepped, ready for diving on Saturday afternoon with the help of Dave, who was nursing a hangover, after a night of celebrations, Richie, “Big Dave”, john and myself. Peter popped in to supervise the work. Great job getting boat ready and thanks and appreciation to the E.O. team for looking after the gear over the last year. Thanks to John & Shelly for the tea and refreshments to keep the troops energized.


With last minute repairs and checks complete, boat was towed to Kilkee to be greeted by an overcast day, flat seas 🙂 with a slight chilling breeze in the air. Thankfully, we arrived on the slip to launch boat at 10am sharp.

With the dive brief complete, Jason decided to make an unannounced appearance. Communications don’t work too well in LIT – Mobile phone technology, thesedays (tut).As we found out later to our surprise, kilkee was turning into a bit of nudist colony going by the post dive changing room carry on. Did someone forget to wrap a towel around themselves, can’t figure if Kilkee Cam caught the full moon or not 🙂


Inner Bishops was chosen for the 1st dive, a nice handy 20 meter dive in a sheltered area. I was surprised with the pull even with the neap tide, but, nice to get back into sea once again and visibility was reasonable for the time of the year.

The battle of the torches yielded an outstanding winner(for this time at least), even if Mike’s torch needed to be charged, so the battle of Magicshine Vs kowalski must be postphoned until the night dive coming very soon.

Anyway, a second dive at 2.15 was ordered by Emma, the DOD and after some light refreshments on the slip, a introduction to Eamonn and Jason to sea diving was due, so we opted for newfy, Shallow, great visibility.

Mike was involved in a major S&R activity before the 2nd dive. The KBSR training obviously shone through as he found the car keys he dropped in the water on the way out to the boat. Excellence – Certification really due… 🙂


I think Jason was suprised with the sea Cucumber I pickep up to show him and took out my reg to bite it (Naah, only joking) as well as squeezing it so that it would eject some opaque gloopy  liquid. (Yuk)

Eamon, hopefully warmed up after the dive, balls of a brass monkey, but all dives went well and enjoyed by all.


Weight Stoppers, Drop/Add weight, Dive watches, Semi dry wetsuit,  became the comments of summary of the day.

Funnily enough, yesterdays full moon in Kilkee did not reflect in the tidal conditions :-).. Hmmm why???

Alas, the “keys” dilemma affected somone else also, another rescue effort was conducted before long as the spare car keys were ferried from six mile bridge at the cost of a chinese in the Chinese in Kilkee 🙂


Also, I understand that Dave K could not make it to dive yesterday, not surprised if yourself and Loretta are going to add a new member to the Club soon. Congratulations and hope all goes well 🙂


The Club send their best wishes to Eimhear at this time…  Hope things work out ok…  Fingers crossed!!


Reminder: Dingle for Easter : Portmagee for June.