A new season

As the new season has begun in earnest, I’d like to say thanks to the E.O team for giving up their free time and valued experience in keeping the boat in working order. Honestly, without them we would be limited to shore dives (boo). 

We even have our own marine engineer in training, how many clubs can boast that eh? 

There are a few courses running at the minute and are well attended, pity the sea cant co-operate as well. The rescue course went well on Saturday except for the washing machine that was Kilkee bay, and with a spring low to boot, i think we managed 11m in the middle of the bay. Good fun on the day watching LDSAC trying out their rescue techniques on their towing vehicle. Thanks to all the moniteurs for helping out, and for the use of the Burren and Lough Derg boats.

With Kilkee abandoned due to poor conditions, we ventured to Portroe on Sunday for a few handy dives. As required by club law, i as DOD turned up late and set about hurrying everyone along, even though they were ready! Myself, American Mike and Richard Roche were joined by Noel, Dave O and Kieran. Good dives at about 20ish m were had and the trainees are well on their way. Brian, John Hassett and Alma arrived on later and we went in for a second dive, again a good dive was reported and all went home happy, especially me as i didn’t get as burnt on Sunday as on Saturday. 

Looking forward to seeing more of the club diving in the future, with Dingle next weekend, the regional and Portmagee coming up ye have no excuses.

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