Certified my ass

Well guys, just a few words to let you know whats happening. The equipment team have been busy busy getting the boat trailer road worthy again, considering the state it was left in Johny’s yard at the first attempt, I think we preformed pretty well. Sorry John.


At least we cleaned up this time! I must say that john did not mind in the least that we were working on the trailer in his yard , a very gracious host indeed.

We arrived on the day, ready for work, when myself and Noel got a text asking was the weather too bad to work, obviously our DO extraordinaire was indisposed and could not make it to a window, we duly informed him that it was grand (It was MILLING out of the heavens, and we were not the only ones that were going to get wet).

About an hour later, said DO arrived and began to work (Talk) with great endeavour. We were stripping all of the galvanised bolts from the trailer and replacing with stainless.

Great work was produced for at least 20 mins before Martin got bored and began to play with the drums in John’s garage. A productive day indeed! By then, the weather had begun to get really bad and myself and Noel had to stop work as well. it was about this time that Martin, being the shy guy that he is, told us that he was one of only two certified marksmen with a shotgun and a .22 in the country, later reduced to one of two in his company. John then produced an airgun (Understatement) and asked our illustrious DO to prove said claim, Martin then proceeded to miss all but one of 20 shots at a can from 15 feet.

Despite not being able to catch his breath from laughing, Noel proceeded to hit five from six shots, not bad for a window fixer eh martin! I think that i managed a paltry one from four, not bad considering that I’m not certified.

Eventually Martin stopped dancing in front of John’s phone and helped us tidy up as all works for that day had been completed. The trailer is again roadworthy, but will need a bit more to ensure many more years of service.

The Equipment team will keep all informed of more developments in the search for the missing certification!

Happy holidays and good dives to all 


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