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Hi guys,

Now since the Christmas is only a distant memory, and we are three quarters of the way through our pool training, I am glad to say that the new trainees have come on in leaps and bounds, and we have a fantastic bunch of new divers this year.  Also the trainee coxswains have participated in practical training every sunday in lough derg run by our training officer Brian O’Leary.  I have seen these potential coxswains going from strength to strength as the weeks go by, and I am delighted that we will also have a very efficient group of new coxswains this year to add to the clubs skill set.  I am also in the process of putting together a new dive plan for this season, and hopefully we will be able to get away for more long weekends and some new locations, weather permitting of course.  We had a large amount of dives in portroe last year, although there is nothing wrong with that, I would prefer we aim for more sea diving this year.

There is some excellent work going on with the trailer at the moment, and I have been told that new axils and a flush kit are being fitted in the coming weeks.  I never knew the equipment officer was such a good story teller, but he is more like walter mitty instead of charles dickens.

Free diving training started this Sunday in portroe quarry, three hardy members of the club showed up.  Mike Orth, Peter Walsh and myself.  Even though the water was only 7 degrees, we didn’t find it so bad with our new apena suits, which make a great seal to the body and I find are a lot warmer than semidrys.  Our training regime was breath holding at 6m and working up bottom times from 35 seconds to 2 minutes, which was achieved by Peter Walsh.  This cold water training is very important to keep the mammalian dive reflex over the winter months, so we will be prepared for the warmer free diving and spear fishing which will be carried out in the summer which we’re all looking forward to.  It is great to see that there is a renewed interest in free diving and spear fishing, under the expert guidance of our guru Peter.

See you all in the pool!

Yours in water and out,


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