SAR for Dummys

I arrived to find Richard trying to enter the code for the fob in reverse, he then mentioned to me privately that he saw the northern lights about 20 min ago. This was not good and things began to get worse as

Johnny appeared to be suffering from man flu but someone said they smelt a whiff of drink….


And that, he was the reason for the Aurora Borealis so diving was cancelled and we went off practising MOB with Ted gone AWOL.

Richard asked if we’d heard from Davy Ryan and Johnny swore he saw him cycling in the road.


Richard radioed the Coast guard but got Clare FM, its then we realised Dave Parks bought an expensive radio rather than a cheap VHF.

Hyper fresh from the Coast Guard thought he was a loud speaker and started shouting and calling everyone Captain.


Capt. Johnny after smoking 14 hundred Major was summoned to the cabin to demist the windows with his glowing head and whiffy breath.

Someone then said look there’s Capt. Ted ! and lo and behold there he was posing at the meeting of the waters so we picked him up before the locals noticed him.

Capt. Dave then got obsessed with darkness while Capt. Ciaran was beginning to get scared of it and kept turning on every light I could find.


Captain’s Dave, Ted and Hyper decided they didn’t want to play lookouts anymore and decided to talk about Florida, 2 strokes and Jupiter.

Capt. E Roche got mad and said we all have to play MOB so we all got a go at MOB but Richard got 3 MOB’s at once for his troubles,

This caused a small tsunami and upset the fisherman.