All hands on deck please!!

As the Club nears the phase for open water diving once again, the weekend boat handling sessions are now over. certainly, an interesting time and challenges for those who took part. The exercises under the bridge in Killaloe and the entry to Ballina slip posed the most interesting challenges 🙂

Alas, the boat did not come away unscathed, but, at least, the club may hopefully develop a few more qualified coxswains this year. Congrats to Noel, Anthony, Eimhear, Dave, kate, and Frank.

So, now the task of prepping the boat and trailer for the season. Again, john hassett has supported the club by allowing his premises to be used to refurb the boat. We met up on saturday to extract the boat from the water and we gave it a good clean and checked out what needed to be done. The boat was stripped, even the instruments, windsreen &hand rails were removed. Next, the engine service, and an impeller change :-). meanwhile we awaiting the parts to over haul the trailer. That is going to be some job. Still, very necessary. Help will be needed. All voluteers welcome, that means You, members…  🙂


Aside from that, Pool training is coming to an end, the trainees are been pushed through the Pool scuba tests and been coached on the last elements of scuba before the inevitable move to open water. It all begins in two weeks time, so the last of the equipment is been searched for from all sources at the moment. Francis Jenkins dropped by to service the compressors and drop back and pick up equipment for service.


Martin continues his prep work for the Mon1. Busy times all round!!


So, that’s it.. Help out and if anyone knows where there is a few euro’s, we could do with a few of them right now. 


At least the weather is calming, Open Water sea diving not far away. 


This year’s CFT Dive conference will be welcoming the University of Limerick offically to CFT. Looking forward to the year ahead.