To Snorkel or not to Snorkel?

That was the question, I bet some of our trainee’s were asking themselves as they viewed the waters of Portroe yesterday.


Yesterday unveiled itself as the day in which the trainees for 2012 would start their open water training. While sea conditions are inviting normally to do this, last weekend was out. So Portroe was selected to start our new eager beavers off.


Portroe waters have been traditionally cold in recent years, but fortunately, it was a lot milder than previous years. A reported 8degree temperature were mentioned, and while I can’t say preach much about the cold from languishing in my snug O3 drysuit, I think as the introduction to open water progressed all the folks enjoyed the experience after the initial shock of the cold water hitting their backs.



The group assembled at 10.40am in Killaloe and then we moved in convoy to Portroe.  Our 1st task was to talk about the layout and facilities at Portroe. We registered all the crew and then back to the cars to get changed.

Some had more “fun” than other trying to get into suits…


Sorting out weight belts then became next task and making sure all had gloves to stave of the bite of the waters of Portroe.


So, came the squeels of shock as the trainees entered the water. All settled, took some breaths to get used to the water, sensation of floating and getting the splash of water on their faces. All, eventually got settled and we snorkelled around to get used to the suit and buoyancy J.


A few duck dives complete, the folks then headed back to the platform where we practiced our entries. This became fun and the all relaxed now and had warmed into their suits to somewhat enjoy the event.. Yes, even Leo got into the madness of it all with the top half of suit unzipped… Hard man, Well done.!!!


2 snorkels now out of the way and so a hearty congrats to all who took part, and conquered the cold.  The 1st open water dives are not far away now. Will tomorrow’s session at the warm pool be a welcome return J