Busy weekend 1st Open water Dive’s + New Gas Blenders

Well, at long last, Limerick Sub Aqua got its trainee Divers for 2012 off to a glorious start yesterday.

With the last open water snorkels out of the way, Marcin Ludzik, Roybn Gleeson, Jack Ryan, John Moloney, Leo Taylor, Anthony Wiseman. We were also joined by Richard Ryan, and David O’Rourke as well as the seasoned veterans of Dave Ryan, “Heston” and Martin Bowes.

Martin Directed operations for the day, giving the Dive Brief to us all and with me, adding the usual reminders about Equalizing, and putting on and sorting weight belt for the dive.

What a lovely day, and with the appearance of Peter, Amy and Liam made it a great occasion and great turn out at Portroe from the Club.

With that in mind, please note Portroe will re start it’s thurdays evening openings on 5th April.

The sun beamed down and punched through the water to make it very attractive for a 1st open water dive. Visibility was great. Hee hee, until three sets of buddy pairs went ploughing… We were afterall diving around the Car, van, and canoe area as such, so some did really stir it up…  J

But, all had a great intro, safe, enjoyable dive, the water temps made it easy. Everyone benefitted from a great day’s diving. Hopefully, all the photos will be added up later. I think there were some lesson learned, but, must say overall, impressed and happy with how this year’s group have progressed from Pool to open water.

Loads of Photo’s taken.. Even Amy’s phone got in on, the act; it was hard to avoid the “Rabbits ears”.

“Heston” had a great day and even managed to drop Noel off the Dive. More ear trouble… I don’t think Martin is going to count that as an attempted dive Noel… aaaahhhhh…. LOL.. To cap it all off, there was no money back from Peter also. Aaahhh Poor Noel….

Nevertheless, the weekend also proved to produce some qualified Gas Blenders from the Blenders course on Saturday. It turned out to be a longer than planned day with the Exam paper posing a challenge to all attendees. I also managed to finally get my Gas Blending Instructor certification, so at least I can run and assist with courses in future if required.

It was great to see the Burren Membrane compressor and see it in operation. Thanks to Cormac and Alex and Pat for running and supporting the course.

Congrats to John Hassett, “Heston”, Emma Sheehan, Noel Hickey, & Paul Doherty.