A Bridge too Far

Dive – Bridges of Ross
What a Lovely day for Diving. Neap tides, Sun shining and a light SW breeze… Perfect

As, the boat is undergoing repairs. Boat and trailer are getting a major overhaul
at the moment, thanks to the Equipment team.

It was decided by Martin, to divert to the brideges for some shore diving. As the Coxswain course

was been run out of Kilkee, and other Club clubs diving out of Newfy, we could not pass up

the opportunity to Dive the Bridges. I think this was certainly the 1st large scale outing the Club has
had at the Bridges in years.

13 members turned up to dive, So all took the time to venture out to the outer shelf
to drop gear and then we headed back up and got changed for diving.

Martin gave the brief and buddy pairs and off we ventured to a lovely dive, thankfully
entries and exits were simple. The visibility was very good and was a great introduction
for a first sea dive for our new trainees.
The benefits of the dive that is offered, is that
It is sheltered
Lots of areas to look for the interesting sealife.

I was able to show John, my buddy, Urchins, sea cucumber, we spotted a number of Lobster and

had fun showing John how to encourage a Lobster to nip at my fingers instead of frightening it off.
At the second attempt, I also managed to show John Shrimp and a Conger eel aswell as handling a
large Spider crab.
The temptempation to go further along the wall to the right side was strong, however,
I had to be patient and make way back to keep to the agreed dive time.

In between dives, we returned to a feast, the aroma of the BBQ feeding the queue for sausage
sandwiches that Christine served up 🙂 a lovely post dive treat.
The debrief continued and then the dolphins were breeching out to sea as they were chasing
mackerel. Wow…
The 2nd dive beckoned with the hope that the dolphin would be attracted in to our group of
divers, Alas, it was not to be…. The Visibilityv was poorer on the second dive but, nevertheless it was

a pleasure to get in another dive in, on the Bridges.
It’s certainly a way to get you fit. Put’s the yearly fitness regime to the test.
Portroe thursday night for a dive, however, I dare say we won’t spot any ballan wrasse
and lobster on that dive.