CFT Re affilition

Brian O'Leary | January 2, 2009

Should the Club renew its affiliation with CFT? Re-Compression Chamber availability is yet in question once again

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Club night out

Brian O'Leary | December 26, 2008

Club Night out well, a nice turn out: Thanks to all those who attended and great opportunity to meet and catch up. If people have idea for a social get together in the near future, let someone on the committee…..

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If you can read this…

mikeorth_s1973m53 | December 22, 2008

..then we have succesfully moved the website to our new host: Thanks to Tempy and Seanie for getting us sorted so quickly!

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How can I register for the site??

mikeorth_s1973m53 | December 13, 2008

Ive written a how to up in the help desk forum. Click here to read the post

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Talk to your committee

mikeorth_s1973m53 | December 11, 2008

I’ve added a private members only section to our forums where the committee can share info on the work being done, meeting minutes and other topics of discussion. Any registered member of the club that is logged in can visit……

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Dive Outings this year

Brian O'Leary | December 11, 2008

What do people think of a week long diving out of Portmagee this year: All diving centered around the June bank Holiday weekend? Book a few houses for a week of diving out of Portmagee to Caherdaniel to Knights town..

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Coxswain/Boat handling

mikeorth_s1973m53 | December 9, 2008

Thanks to all, who have attended to date, one can certainly see the change in peoples confidence in handling the boat and at least availing of the chance to work up hours to move towards getting their tests out of…..

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Safety Rules of Freediving and Deep Snorkeling

mikeorth_s1973m53 | December 8, 2008

20 safety rules of free diving 1. Select your partner and never free dive alone. 2. Never free dive after a scuba dive; allow 12hrs, (Henry’s law). 3. Never ‘ride’ the flexibility of your ear drum. 4. Always be correctly…..

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Welcome to the dive blogs…

mikeorth_s1973m53 | December 6, 2008

The idea behind the blog is for everyone in the club to share their diving/snorkeling adventures with other club members.  All members have their own personal blog space and are encouraged to post dive related stories.  Let everyone know what,…..

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Welcome to the new home of LSAC!

mikeorth_s1973m53 | December 5, 2008

Have a look around – check out some of the new features: Upload dive pictures to the gallery Blogging – share your diving or snorkeling adventures Members can add comments to Blogs to promote discussion Latest news area for comittee…..

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